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By | May 16, 2018

Makeup Bags – The Storage Solutions Everyone Makeup Bags - Travel BagsNeeds!

Makeup bags or makeup cases are must-have travel accessories. They do a good job of offering beauty storage solutions. We use makeup bags for stashing our cosmetics and cosmetic tools while we are in transit travelling from point A to point B. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start to choose a makeup case which ticks all the boxes. I assure you, by the time you finish reading this post will know what to look out for from a beauty box or trolley.


What are Makeup Bags / Cases?

A makeup case is a little pouch we use for holding every tool we make use of in making ourselves look good. There is an extensive range of makeup cases including makeup bags to choose from. Every traveller carrying some cosmetics relies on these essential travel accessories for storing all their cosmetics and cosmetic tools.


What Goes In a Travel Makeup Bag?

There are discrepancies in terms of what goes into an artists makeup case and what goes into an individual’s makeup bag. The difference is mainly based on what they both see as essential. The following items usually get thrown into makeup cases.


(1) Concealer as the name implies a concealer’s job is to cover discolourations, to lighten dark areas and disguise blemishes for achieving a flawless appearance and an appearance of an even skin tone.


(2) Foundation is for covering imperfections, provides a more even skin tone and creates a uniform colour to the complexion. Also, it helps to blend in much more smoothly.


(3) Blush, blush powder or blush liquid is a cosmetic used to redden the cheeks for a more youthful look and to emphasize the cheekbones.

(4) Translucent powder can be applied to any skin tone for a natural skin finish and to remove shine.


(5) Mascara enhances eyelashes by either darkening them or thickening.


(6) Eyeshadow is a cosmetic you can apply to the eyelids and under the eyebrows.


(7) Eyeliner is what is drawn above upper lashes or below lower lashes or both for making the lashes look lush, drawing attention to the eye.

Different Makeup Storage Solutions

Makeup Cases come in different designs, shapes and sizes depending on the purpose of their use. Some are designed for personal use and others for commercial purpose. Relating it to our everyday lives, we use makeup cases in our homes for storing makeup or as ‘on the go’ cosmetic kit. Whereas, some are suitable for use in salons.


The range of Makeup Cases is so varied. It stretches from Large Vanity Cases, Trolley Cosmetic Cases, Professional Small Lockable Cases to Large Makeup Boxes. The Large Makeup Cases are those with large storage space. Their dimensions look like 365 X 220 X 270mm. They have a potential of storing a medium size nail dryer and a load capacity that can go up as far as 10 KG. Some Makeup cases come either with lock and keys depending on where you go shopping.


The Trolley Cases

Trolley Makeup Cases have practical storage for storing different cosmetics. Some have 3 layers of storage boxes and a case on top.

Professional Makeup Cases 

Professional Makeup Cases are transported in Makeup Train Cases. These can be wheeled away easily or can be carried by hand, that is if you are only using the top 2 pieces.

Commercial production companies rely on using professional makeup for their films and television programmes. Most of them prefer storing their cosmetics for stage makeup in makeup cases. The Trolley Makeup Cases are most ideal since are easily wheeled from one point to another.


What to look out for in a Makeup Case?

(1) Should bring out a properly intuitive organisation of cosmetics.

(2) Should have an internal design that prevents makeup from breaking and getting damaged.

(3) Outside case should be of premium leather or luxury leather in order to prevent the case from crushing. Also, to maintain its structure.

(4) Its capacity should hold and cushion daily makeup essentials: 20 different sizes of compacts, shadow cases, brushes, lipsticks, mascara.

(5) It should fit into a packed suitcase, travel bag or handbag.

(6) Can also function as an evening bag.

(7) Should have an internal mesh that is easy to clean.


Makeup Storage Solutions Trends

Similar to any other sectors, the makeup case industry is expanding and making some continuous improvements. For example, the recent launching of  NYLA Bag. This bag brings a solution to the problem of storing cosmetics. It’s said to be the first bag to be invented which can prevent makeup breakage and also maximizes the organisation of cosmetics.


Top Makeup Cases/Bags

(1) Makeup Cosmetics Vanity Case Silver

(2) Large Pink Trolley Case

(3) Professional Makeup Trolley Case Cosmetic Box Beauty Hairdressing

(4) The Vintage Cosmetic Company Train Case, Dusty Pink

(5) NYX Professional Makeup – Make Up Case – Beginners case

(6) Extra Large Makeup Case Hairdressing Vanity Beauty Trolley Cosmetic.

(7) In 1 Aluminum Cosmetic Trolley Case, Vanity Professional Make Up.

(8) Pretty Pink –  Large Silver Trolley Vanity Case.

(9) Urban Beauty Make Up Set & Vanity Case,  60pcs, Cosmetics Collection.

(10) Beauty Vanity  Case Make Up Cosmetic Box Handle Bag Hairdressing Nail.

(11) Panama Make Up Case Hairdressing Vanity Beauty Cosmetic Box Trolley.

(12) Beautify  Large Silver Beauty Case

(13) Professional Makeup Artist Carry Case Cosmetic Trolley Nylon Organizer

(14) Soho Vanity Case

(15) Large Blush Pink Striped Beauty Case

(16) 4 in 1 Vanity Makeup Nail Case Cosmetic Hairdressing Case Box

(17) 4 in 1 Vanity Extra Large Makeup Case Hairdressing Vanity Beauty Trolley

(18) Multi-function Lighted Makeup Trolley Case  Cosmetic Hairdressing

(19) 4 Layers 5 In1 Hairdressing Makeup Beauty Nail Case Cosmetics Trolley

(20) Professional Beauty Trolley Makeup Vanity Case Nail Cosmetics. 


If you have any questions related to the post, 20 Makeup Bags Top List, please feel free to leave your questions below. I will be more than happy to respond as soon as possible.

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  1. Jyl

    Some really good info here – I love how you supply us with a list of the essential makeup we need to take away with us 🙂 I would have liked to see images of the makeup bags you recommend, to help me choose. Do you have prices and information on where to get them? Very good post, thank you 🙂

    1. Femia Post author

      Hello, thank you so much for leaving everything aside, just to drop me some invaluable comments. I appreciate. Not adding prices and information about make-up bags I recommend was a complete oversight on my part. Following your advice, I have now picked a few I recommend. Please have a look!

  2. Patrick

    Well, I have to be honest. I don’t know a whole lot about makeup, or even makeup bags. But after reading this article, I think I’m left with more questions than answers! Haha. If you can’t tell, I’m a dude and don’t have much use for this type of thing. However, my wife absolutely loves this stuff. So, now I will have something to talk to her about at dinner! Cheers!

    1. Femia Post author

      Thanks, so much Patrick for taking time out of your busy schedule to leave some comments.
      Good for you to hear you will be discussing makeup related subjects with your wife.

      I’m also glad to hear you have picked a few things from my post. I’m sure you will be able to make some informed decisions in terms of buying presents for your wife.My No. 1 recommendation is:

      Nyla Personalised Name Cotton Canvas. It prevent makeup breakage .


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