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Hi there! Best Femia Travel BagsMy name is Femia. I’m a budding author living in the UK. I’m also into Affiliate Marketing.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be giving you some basic information, hints and tips – all to do with helping you find the best travel bags suitable for your trips.

You may be planning to go on your dream holiday, maybe wondering ‘What sort of travel bag should I buy?’

Don’t worry, I will be taking care of your travel concerns and help you find the suitable travel bags for your journey. I’ve also touched a little bit on the fear of flying associated with travel.

I intend to make your trip as pleasant as possible and less stressful.

Long ago, I used to do a research job that involved a lot of travel. I travelled abroad on long flights most of the times.

One would think I loved this job because of the exposure and opportunities it gave me. Far from it. The truth is I wasn’t thrilled a bit. The reason is in those days I was so scared of heights and terrified of flying. This included long-distance travel by road.

Since then, I have become passionate about finding ways to avoid more stress during my travels. We all know travelling can be daunting at times.

Hopefully, the information I’m going to share will be helpful for folks out there planning to travel and enjoy stress-free journeys.

Definitely, preparedness is one of the solutions. Getting the right type of travel bags and the ability to conquer fears of flying, certainly helped me.

There is a broad range of Advanced Resources to overcome the  Fear Of Flying that can completely transform you from being a nervous wreck to a quiet calm and relaxed person.

Your destination and how quickly you want to get there all determine the type of transport you will use which also influences the decision you’ll to make to choose the right travel bags.

Whether you are travelling by sea or air, there is always a perfect trendy Travel Bag you can grab. 

So now to me .....

I’m a creative person with keen interest on developing new ideas, Carvela Travel Bag Brandimaginative works; displaying a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I’m a family kind of person and I value professionalism, keeping promises and openness. Studying a module in International Economic Relations as part of my university studies introduced me to the international market.

Outside marketing, I love reading, writing, gardening, travelling and watching documentaries. Though I should say, being able to find ways of coping and handling my flying fears really changed my life. Travelling has become easier for me and I look forward to each coming trip.

All the best with your journey in terms of all the preparations. Hopefully, you get genuine travel essentials suitable for your journey.

Cheers, Femia Founder of:



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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Craig

    I am also a very keen traveler. I do not enjoy the flying or road journeys so much, not through fear, just boredom. When I get into holiday mode, I just want to get there and be on holiday.

    Did you manage to overcome your fear of flying? It can be a really hard thing to get over. I have a family member who refuses to fly through fear but I would love to be able to convince them

    1. Femia

      Hi, Craig, thank you for taking your time to read my article and give feedback. It took me ages to overcome my fears. Watching DVDs on conquering fear of flying, certainly has helped in changing my life. Coupled with having trust in the people who work in aviation. And the knowledge that travelling by road is about 100 times more deadly than flying. The last time I flew was one year ago on an 8-hour trip. I kept on focusing on the family and friends I was going to be reunited with.It worked.

  2. Angelique D.

    Hi Femia,

    As a passionate traveler, I know the importance of carrying the right luggage.
    A few years ago, I traveled around Brasil for a couple months. This was the first time I traveled for so long and despite my preparations, I struggled with my bags all along.
    Choosing the wrong luggage can ruin a trip, believe me!
    Since I will be traveling again soon, I am looking for the ideal bag this time. I am happy I stumbled upon your website
    I especially like your tips on how to stop cockroaches from encroaching your travel luggage. Very informative!

    Kind regards,

    1. Femia

      Hi, Angelique, thank you so much. Its so encouraging to hear from someone like you with first-hand travel experience.

      I wish you had used Packing Cubes. They are ideal for long stay during your travel.
      Packing Cubes are extremely handy for keeping your hotel room and wardrobe tidy and spacious.
      You are able to avoid clutter by putting your packing cubes inside your closet and drawers. Packing Cubes make life easy by giving you peace of mind in knowing that you are able to locate your luggage items easily.
      Next time when you travel to stay there long remember Packing Cube and Travel Sets – they are most ideal.

  3. Tarisai Magodhi

    Hie Femia
    Every memorable journey needs a thorough preparation and one of the most sensitive areas to be visited before the journey is the luggage part.The moment you use the wrong luggage for the journey, the whole journey is distorted. And this demands proper selection of travel luggage before the journey begins.

    Thank you, Femia. for your tips and ideas. I prefer to travel mostly by road. In Zimbabwe, most of the areas I go to, have bad terrains and this requires suitable travelling luggage as well as travel tips when travelling on such journeys.

    Again, thank you for having such a website, its so informative.



    1. Zegu

      Thank you so much, Tarisai, for stopping by my website to drop me some comments. I agree with you that planning plays a crucial role in the end result of your trips.

      Poor planning can lead you to lose your money after buying a travel bag which fails to meet the boarding requirements. More so if travelling by air.

      However, if you plan to drive, as you said you often do, then I recommend you to buy the Duffel Bag which is suitable for rough terrains.

      They also make good Safari luggage. So, I just thought they could be equally good for car rides and perfect for bumpy roads. I also would recommend the Backpack type of bags.

      Once again many thanks. I appreciate.


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