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By | July 15, 2017

Don’t Go On Adventure Travel My adventure with my travel bag suitcaseUnless You Carry Best Travel Bags

My cousin, Tim, went on adventure travel to the Isle of White. He travelled together with a group of youth. Thank goodness, each of them brought some luggage. Tim had the best travel bag.


It was all thanks to the National Citizens Service – NCS, a non-profit organisation, which gives young people aged 16-18 the opportunity to go on a 4-week Adventure Travel type of programme. Such a programme is designed for kids to develop skills for life. In a way, boosting their CVs in preparation for the world ahead of them.


As we all know, wherever travel is involved, travel luggage is also involved. This case study will touch on the type of travel luggage my cousin used for the trip Adventure Travel. My intention is to give you a review of an actual product that someone I know purchased and used. 

Permitted Travel Bags – Luggage Allowances

The NCS programme allowed each youth to take one or two medium-sized suitcases or rucksacks. The maximum weight limit per individual was set at 20kg. In addition, each kid was allowed to carry extra luggage, that is 1 small piece of soft hand luggage. Hand luggage is a term I am using to refer to something that can be stored in the overhead rack or beneath the passenger seat.


Trip Preparations

In preparation, Tim had to get a travel bag. After a quick search on the internet pointing us to Amazon, a cheap outlet, I bought him a small Lightweight Suitcase Travel BagLightweight Wheeled Trolley Suitcase Travel Carry Bag.

Tim liked this lightweight suitcase because it made it easy for him to carry it around to board the coach and to board the ferry that would get them to the Isle of White.


The suitcase was flexible and had many pocket spaces for different types of things to carry. It allowed him to take everything he needed. Also, it was comfortable to carry around.

Adventure Week-The Background

Early, Monday morning, a group of 20 youngsters gathered at St Margaret Bus Station to travel by coach to their weekend rendezvous, Kingswood. Kingswood is an outer urban area in South Gloucestershire, in England. Kingswood was their place of stay. They were going to travel again to a different site in the same vicinity, the Isle of White, for boat riding.


The National Citizens Service (NCS) is an organisation with an interest of young people at heart. Not surprisingly, NCS is dedicated to shape, support, lead and champion the cause of young people.


Kids between 16-18 are selected each year in different regions throughout the UK, to go on a summer programme. They then travel to an outdoor activity centre where they live in their teams. While in camp or at a centre, they bond because of an amazing opportunity the programme affords them to get to know each other and enjoy some quality time away from home.


In their various teams, they are given challenging activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, hiking and archery. This helps them to learn new skills and conquer their nerves, for those who find such activities nerve-wracking.

Adventure Travel-The Benefits

♦  Creates an opportunity for kids to meet exciting new people from their local community.

Kids discover new skills they never knew they had. A feel of university life with my travel bag - suitcase

Builds confidence in them by developing valuable life skills in leadership and communication to boost their CVs.

The charged fee, £50, is reasonable since the programme is subsided.

The youth had a feel of a university lifestyle after spending the following week at a local university. 

After five days that were fully packed with action, the youngsters were back once again at St Margaret Bust Station, where the trip started. This time the coach was dropping them off, to spend the weekend at home before resuming the programme the following Monday, a week of learning some workplace skills.

The youngsters could be seen pulling and picking up all sorts of travel bags, they had brought along. Some had suitcases,  rucksacks, duffel bags and backpacks, while their parents and guardians waited patiently.

If you have any questions about my post, Adventure Travel Luggage – Case Study, please feel free to leave below. I will get back to you as soon as I can.




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  1. Justin

    Dear Femia,

    Thanks so much for this post! Not only is it helpful to see what type of travel equipment was used for this awesome adventure, but it sheds light on something I didn’t even know existed. I don’t think we have something like this in the US, but we should! It sounds like a great experience. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi, Justin, thanks so much for taking your time to leave some feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed reading this post.


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