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By | July 17, 2017

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Product: Super Lightweight Hand Luggage, Holdall, Cabin Bag
My Rating: 9 out of 10
Cheapest place: Amazon 


Introduction: Cabin Bag Suitcase Review will reveal everything you want to know about this bag. The bag is also known as a suitcase travel bag, a product that I actually bought have experience of using it. So, I am sharing my real first-hand experience of using the product. I bought this Cabin Bag or the small suitcase travel bag for my son from Amazon. Its multi-purpose function makes it perfect to use as a suitcase and  cabin bag.Suitcase Cabin Travel Bag


Cabin Suitcase Travel Bag Features & Dimensions

The suitcase is flexible and it has many pocket spaces for different types of stuff you may want to throw inside. Its main porch is very large, which is unusual for a small suitcase. So, it allowed my son to take everything he needed for his trip last summer. The suitcase comes in 2 different colours: black and blue.


The time my son went for his trip with youth mates, he set off for a 10 -minute walk to the coach station in the fiery heat. The lightweight travel bag and the comfort it gave him allowed him to endure the heat.


Since the suitcase has 2 wheels, it’s portability made my son’s journey much easier. When he eventually got off the couch, after arriving at his destination, he found it easy to unpack because of its many pockets.

Who is it for?

The Lightweight Suitcase or Hand Luggage Trolley is suitable for anyone who wants to travel light, anyone planning to go out for a weekend trip or for just a short stay.


When my son went for his summer trip, the journey required him to travel by coach on road and by ferry. He didn’t have any hassles at all using the suitcase since it has a telescopic pull handle, corner blade wheels and tear resistant material. It’s great for adults, women and kids.

At the time this post was written, the Cabin Bag was going for £ 15.99  at Amazon, which is good value for money. I recommend this bag to anyone who wants to carry it on board – by plane, by coach or ferry. Also, it’s most suitable for those who want to travel light.


Click here to check the travel luggage’s current price at Amazon: Travel Bags. However, the Cabin Trolley Bag may not be exactly the same, depending on stocks available in store.

The good news about this product is that it’s an IATA cabin approved Trolley Bag. Being an approved travel luggage means, you are able to take it on board, on major airlines.

The only thing, I find particularly, not so good about this travel bag, is that it accommodates a few items you can use during a short stay. A way of getting around this problem is getting a bigger sized suitcase, which may not be allowed to carry on board.

The History of Lightweight Cabin Bags

Lightweight luggage was not yet popular in the 1900s. By then, travel was secluded for the most affluent in society who travelled mostly by sea on ships.


The type of luggage used in those days were large cases and trunks. Also, the style of luggage used by passengers mattered since it was perceived as a symbol of high status. Louis Vuitton was among the famous brands.


The 1920’s period was associated with train travel, replacing steam liner journeys. The type of luggage in use had a compact style known as the Pullman.


By the end of the 1940’s travel was no longer a seclude of the rich and famous. To add, luggage materials were adapted to involve more affordable materials.


After World War two, 1950 saw an increase in the need for functional luggage instead of aesthetics.  It is during this period that all manner of bespoke objects for transportation were introduced.


Air travel was on the increase in the 1960s, a period we also witness modifications in the luggage industry and the coming of suitcases plus easily transportable holders. An era of weight limits on flights and getting rid of heavyweights.


The history of travel luggage has never been static. It continues to evolve up to this present day.


Hopefully,  my Adventure With My Travel Bag Review will leave you informed, If you have any questions in relation to my post, please leave them below and I will aim to respond as soon as possible.


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  1. Emma J. Holliday

    This blog is really helpful for me to find out new luggage for my next trip. Thanks

    1. Zegu

      Hi, Emma, thank you so much for taking your time to live a comment. I am not an expert in the manufacturing side of travel luggage. However, I am a researcher and this Suitcase-Travel Bag Review that I wrote is a review based on a product I actually bought for my son. He used it for a couple of trips. The suitcase is still in a good shape. Once again, thank you for stopping by.


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