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By | January 25, 2020

Every Game Viewing Trip Needs Safari BagsSafari Travel Bags

If you’re looking for hints and tips to get yourself ready for your Safari Trip, you’re at the right place. The best way to be prepared is to take your time in choosing the right Safari bags. Carrying the right luggage will make you have an enjoyable game-viewing trip, that is completely stress-free.

What Is The Difference Between Safari Trips & Other Journeys?

For safari tours, visitors are required to bring a special type of travel bags. These are travel bags that are approved for Safari Trips. Safari Travel Bags - Backpack

As you continue to read, you will find out the type of bags recommended for safari trips and those that are discouraged.

(1) I will shed light on what Safari trips are.

(2) Map out the most popular Safari destinations in the world.

What Is A Safari Trip?
It’s a journey that includes game viewing and spending time in the wild. This can be in game reserves or national parks.

However, not all people who go on Safari trips have a dream to see wild animals. Some visit national parks for the sole purpose of taking some photographs, while others go for hiking and sight-seeing adventures.

Safari Destinations

1. Heart of Southern Africa Zimbabwe is home to a lot of wildlife. There is a wide range of wildlife to see and if I’m honest, its tricky to choose where to go. To help you decide, I will start off with a rundown of Zimbabwe’s attractions.

Victoria Falls, a spectacular waterfall on its border with Zambia.

Hwange National Park, offers a variety of scenery and game and also great for walking safaris and game drives so that you can see the full extent of its wildlife and elephant herds.

Lake Kariba, one of the world’s greatest man-made lakes along Zambezi River with stunning landscapes and big game viewing canoe trips. Another alternative, is to go on a walking safari.

Mana Pools National Park has a collection of ox-bow lakes and surrounded by vegetation, a source of attraction to a lot of wildlife.

Matobo Hills National Park, has the most breathtaking scenery. It is scattered with huge piles of granite boulders.

Other parks: Chizarira National Park, Gonarezhou National Park and the Eastern Highlands. The Eastern Highlands is full of beautiful scenic drives, walking and hiking trails, good for bird-watching and wildlife experiences.

2. Kenya, is famously known as the land of safari. Its not surprising why people choose it as an adventure holiday destination because it has so much to offer. Most visitors are so keen to see its Masai Mara National Reserve for wildlife viewing and have the chance to meet up with the Masai communities.

3. Tanzania is an Eastern African country, renowned for its scenic views including Kilimanjaro National Park, home to Africa’s highest mountain. No wonder why these attractions are the largest tourists’ pullers year by year.

4. Botswana’s Lagoon area is known for its big game and large herds of buffaloes plus elephants, a major attraction for predators. What tourists absolutely love about the Lagoon is the rare chance to view the wild dog pack den, close to the camp. The Lagoon has earned the reputation, ‘the place to see wild dog in Botswana.’

The Okavango Delta, a safari in northern Botswana popular for its sprawling grassy plains and animal habitat. Also, the Moremi Game Reserve, where dugout canoes are used for navigating past hippos, elephants and crocodiles. On dry land, visitors can view wildlife: lions, leopards, giraffes and rhinos.

5. Arctic Safaris, are popular for their wildlife including polar bears, narwhal and walrus. The Arctic has breathtaking landscapes and views of the stunning Northern Lights in the fall and winter months.

6. India Safaris: India has an extensive range of national parks including the Bandhavgarh National Park, home to India’s elusive white tigers and a wildlife sanctuary with the highest number of tigers. Also, parks: Madhya Pradesh, Pench Tiger Reserve.

7. China safaris are renowned for pandas found in bamboo forests. The top places to visit are Dujiangyan Panda Base, Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Center, Wolong Panda Center, Beijing Zoo and Ocean Park in Hong Kong.

Light Aircraft For Safaris

One of the most popular safari destinations in Africa is Serengeti National Park, in Tanzania. A 39-minute short film or documentary was released for this park in 1994. People travel into the park by a light aircraft.

Elsewhere, Airplanes and Land Rovers are forms of transport mostly used for Safari Tours. Planes are convenient for moving people between camps. However, these planes are not only small, but light and have limited space for storing travel bags and luggage.

In turn, visitors are very limited in terms of the safari bags they can take with them. Only safari bags that are suitable for small safari planes are recommended.

Pack For Safari

  • Duffel Bag
  • Red Ox Bags
  • Sea To Summit
  • Foldaway Bags
  • Chapman Bags

The bags listed are classified as soft-sided luggage. For example, the soft-sided Duffel Bag in the picture, with no wheels and frames.

Two-wheeled bags are discouraged because wheels naturally add weight to the bag. Although hard-case bags provide better protection for belongings, they are heavier. Therefore, they are not suitable for Safari planes.

The reason why Duffel Bags make good safari bags is because of their nature of carrying less weight. Carry-on luggage is a type of bag that is endorsed.

Tough and versatile Kit Bags, Barrel Bags and Duffels are all good because they allow you to transport large campouts of kit easily and without any hassles. Some safari companies keep safari bags for their clients so that they can carry a few items they  need for a particular tour.

Airlines take safety precautions seriously and would expect their passengers to stick to stipulated luggage requirements. Failure to meet them may cause couriers to cancel any booking or deny boarding to prospective passengers.

Travel Bags For Kenyan Safaris   

Kenyan Safari Tour Guides - Travel bags

For touring purposes, visitors may choose to use Safari Vehicles or to go by foot. Those who choose to walk are known as Walking Safaris.

The ones who choose to fly during the trip are assigned a light aircraft. Such an aircraft has a weight limit of 15 KG imposed on it. The number of people to be accommodated in a Safari Vehicle determines how much safari bags the tourists can take with them. The fewer people who are travelling, the better since it leaves plenty of room on the plane to store more luggage.

So what it means is the more tourists they are on the same size vehicle, the less room is available for storing safari bags. Such a crisis is usually resolved by imposing weight or size limits.

Generally, it is fine to keep a small rucksack. A rucksack is quite handy for carrying items. A tourist would also need a hat, sun cream, bins, cameras, wet wipes and water. Wearing a sun hat protects game viewers from getting burned by direct rays from the sun.

Walking in the game parks is a potentially risky business due to the presence of dangerous animals that live there. However, one obvious advantage for tourists, is that they are able to see nature and its natural habitat at very close proximity. And the rare opportunity to view plant life, to spot birds and insects in their natural environment. All these are just phenomenal.

The game ranchers usually arrange a half-day walking safari or organize walking safaris that can last for days or even weeks. Sometimes support vehicles take tourists’ luggage ahead, while, occasionally, animals will carry their bags as shown in the picture.

In Kenya, safari bags are carried on camels’ backs. Kenya’s Camel Safaris’ are not walking safaris as such but a mere name. What happens in the end, is many people choose Camel Safaris and prefer strolling by the camel’s side rather than enjoying the actual ride on the back of a camel.

If you have any questions about, ‘All You Need To Know About Safari Bags’, please feel free to leave them below or to share your own lived experiences. If you have been on a Safari trip before, what travel bag did you use and also if it served its purpose? Your views are much appreciated.

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