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Everyone Loves African Tote Bags

By | January 22, 2018

African Tote Bags Are The Most Versatile African Sisal Bag Overall Ranking: 8 out of 10 Global Marketplace: Etsy Website:   Introduction The African Sisal bag shown in the picture is known by different names: African Tote bag, African basket bag, African market bag, Summer bag, Beach bag, African Kiondo, Tote bag, Crossbody bag… Read More »

Carvela Tote Bag Review

By | January 16, 2018

Facts Everyone Should Know About Carvela Tote Bag  Price range: £ 49.00 – £ 109.00 plus My Ranking: 9 out of 10Owners: Kurt GeigerThe Cheapest place to buy travel luggage: Debenhams Introduction My Carvela Robyn Structured Tote Review is going to reveal things you didn’t know about this classic handbag by Kurt Geiger Carvela. It’s a large size… Read More »

Women Shopper Tote Bags

By | December 27, 2017

What Are Women Shopper Tote Bags?     I bought this Bucket Leather Tote Bag at Next Stores, UK. Its design is very appealing – in a bucket shape. You can also get the Bucket Leather Tote Bag at other outlets including Amazon. This bucket tote bag comes with a long, adjustable strap and is made of… Read More »

8 Tips For Cleaning Your Handbag

By | November 17, 2017

      Bags are Like People, they too grow old. Most of us still remember what exactly caused us to choose our Handbags. That day you went out shopping six years ago, you found the Tote Bag’s gorgeous looks irresistible. It ticked all the boxes, looked stylish, excellent quality, fashionable as well as functional. Little… Read More »

How to Overcome the Fear of Flying

By | April 1, 2017

If you are curious to know how you can overcome the fear of flying … please read International travel can be a nightmare especially if you are confronted with a flying phobia. It’s even worse if your job relies on travelling from one place to place. Inevitably, such fear will dampen the passion you may have in pursuing… Read More »