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The Best Travel Luggage Sets

By | July 11, 2018

Choose The Best Travel Luggage Sets Are you planning a big trip with your family? If you are travelling together with your kids it means you will be carrying a lot of stuff. I have a solution for you. Travel luggage sets are the perfect travel bags you need for this kind of trip and… Read More »

The Fascinating History of Luggage Bags

By | June 17, 2018

Isn’t The History of Luggage Bags Fascinating? The history of luggage bags is long standing with an amazing story behind it. Travel luggage or baggage consists of bags, cases and containers we all carry during our trips. Baggage sizes and shapes have evolved over the years.  Most noticeably, from the nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century. A… Read More »

20 Makeup Bags Top List

By | May 16, 2018

Makeup Bags – The Storage Solutions Everyone Needs! Makeup bags or makeup cases are must-have travel accessories. They do a good job of offering beauty storage solutions. We use makeup bags for stashing our cosmetics and cosmetic tools while we are in transit travelling from point A to point B. Don’t worry if you don’t… Read More »

Shopping Tote Bag Review-Handmade

By | March 2, 2018

 Everyone Loves A Shopping Tote Bag Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10  Price: 1.50  Owners:  Website: eBay Product Description This post is a review of a very practical women’s shoulder bag known as the Shopping Tote Bag. . Natural Material: This women’s shoulder shopping tote bag is made of 100% Natural Cotton. Good Size to Hold… Read More »

Lightweight Carry Luggage

By | January 27, 2018

What Airline Allows More Than 1 Lightweight Carry Luggage? Airline allowance for lightweight carry luggage is a subject often discussed but largely misunderstood. Most passengers hate the idea of going through the entire process of checking-in and claiming their travel luggage. The reason is not very complicated. Apart from time-consuming, passengers find it so tedious.… Read More »

Buy Suitcase Covers – Travel Bag

By | October 28, 2017

Thinking About What Animal Is A Suitcase Cover? Suitcase Covers are also known by a different name. Some call them Luggage Protector Covers. It depends on the outlet that you decide to go shopping. Most Suitcase Covers are made in such a way that they fit most brand suitcases perfectly well. However, some brand suitcases… Read More »

Travel Accessories – Case Study 2

By | September 22, 2017

My Travel Accessories Story –  Mistakes That Will Cost You Money My Travel Accessories – Case Study 2 is aimed at giving travellers some hints and tips so that they get well prepared each time they travel. One definite way of making adequate preparations for our trips is to bring appropriate travel bags. Hopefully, my… Read More »