Best Carry-on Backpack Bag Review

By | January 3, 2019

Best Carry-on Backpack

Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About THE BEST CARRY-ON BACKPACK  

Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10
Price:  £21.98
Owners: Cabin Max UK
Website: Amazon



The Best Carry-on Backpack   
Price: £29.99

The Best Carry On Backpack’s  Features And Dimensions

Cabin Max Backpack55x40x20 cm
SizeLARGE  44-litre capacity
DesignSoft Shell
Lightweight0.7kg (1.5lbs).
Suitable for AirlinesEasyJet and Ryan Air, Thomas Cook, Germanwings, Norwegian, Virgin, BA, Lufthansa, Jet2, Lingus, Flybe, Delta, American, Emirates, and many more.
 3 compartments Document pocket, organisational accessories and tech pocket
ColoursMore than 10 colours including blue, black, yellow, orange, pink, white and multi coloured bags. Flight Approved


RoomyA spacious backpack with 3 zipped compartments convenient and lockable. Excellent 600D polyester fabric – Strong, durable and showerproof material that is recyclable.

Flexible – You can adjust its shoulder straps for comfortable carrying. Other handy qualities are its carrying handle, side and adjustable compression straps. The carrying straps make the bag a comfortable travel item to use. Especially for long-distance travel connecting between airports. However, the backpack doesn’t look best suited for mountain hiking.

 3 Year quality and satisfaction Guarantee – is quite handy and buying this bag gives peace of mind. Roomy – It has 3 pockets which include the main large pocket, a smaller pocket with pockets for keeping your phone, chargers and paper documents including a thin pocket at the front for storing small items. The main pocket offers great security. It has long zip which operates like suitcase zips. You can actually lay this backpack on its back the same way you would using a suitcase.  


The backpack does not have internal straps to secure clothes as one would think since it works like a suitcase with a zip.  However, you can tighten the side straps to reduce bulk and I am sure this would solve the problem by holding contents ‘in place.’

The backpack’s compartments are not big enough to put a laptop inside. You can put your iPad in the zipped compartment at the front but it wouldn’t have much protection.


This Best Carry On Backpack is suitable for all kinds of travel and fits in the cabin perfectly well. You can use it to carry one week worth of clothes depending on the way you dress and how thick are your clothes.

Its big enough to accommodate clothes to wear for a month you can carry on your travel around Europe.

My friend used it to carry her belongings while on travel to around the world for 3 months. Pack only the basics and you will be home and dry. Apart from being spacious, this backpack is reassuringly robust.


Amazon delivers the backpack for free for certain orders within the UK or Republic of Ireland.


It’s a very good quality bag for the price of £21.98 (At the time I wrote this review). It is a good value for money as confirmed by product reviews left by customers who bought it from Amazon available on Amazon official website.


The backpack is a Perfect Fit All Occasion Travel bag. I find it most appropriate bag suitable for my travel needs. I do not hesitate to recommend this backpack. It comes with a Maximum 3-year guarantee. There is no question about the backpack being suitable for travelling because of its qualities. It’s really spacious and comfortable on your back.

However, it does not have chest and waist straps for more stability to make it comfortable for walking and hiking with it on your back for a long period.

So, for me its the perfect hand luggage for airlines with best features including padded ergonomic design back section.  Its good to know the backpack is Flight Approved. With plenty of room to spare. Internal pockets are well thought out and a good size. It was comfortable to carry, either by hand or on my back, It stands upright on its own, which is always a good thing, and the internal pockets are readily accessible.

I did use Cabin Max packing cubes with this backpack. It’s the first time I’ve tried these and I can honestly.

Compare with similar items

The Best Carry-On Travel Backpacks

Hopefully, you find this review informative. Feel free to leave any questions you may have in relation to my post The Best Carry-on Backpack Review below. I will respond as soon as I can.

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9 thoughts on “Best Carry-on Backpack Bag Review

  1. Vijay Kumar

    Wow. I thought my Hugo Boss Backpack was the best brand but the one you have reviewed here is clearly even better.

    Better in Quality and Price. Thanks for the informative ‘ The Best Carry-on Backpack Review.’ I wish I had come across this review earlier. I have bookmarked your site for future reference.

    1. Femia

      Hello, Vijay

      Thank you for sparing your time to leave some awesome feedback.
      I am really pleased to hear that you found my article informative and a source of reference for your future shopping.
      Please keep an eye on my site as I will be writing more reviews for the bestseller travel bags for all occasions.

  2. Emma Fox

    Thanks for writing The Best Carry-on Backpack Review.

    I bought similar two backpacks, one for my son and one for my daughter as birthday presents. They are really nice backpacks everyone would want to have as part of their wardrobes.

    The ones I bought were pricey. So, it’s good to see solid options for some of us with low cost budgets. Thanks for an informative review.

    1. Femia

      Hello Emma,

      Many thanks for taking the time to read my review of the Best Carry-on Backpack Bag.
      I am really pleased to hear that you found it informative.
      In terms of good deals, Amazon is a great shop to go to. the carry-on backpack may be pricey elsewhere due to a number of factors.
      If the shop owner is in a central business area with high rentals, usually the prices are pegged at a high level.
      Many thanks for the feedback.

  3. Phemie Abel

    This is a fantastic review. I can’t believe how thorough your review is and how you have written such an in-depth review full of information.

    Indeed The Best Carry-on Backpack Review has everything a buyer would want to know.
    I may not buy this backpack now, but surely I now know what kind of presents to buy my wife next time.
    Its always good to make some informed decisions.

    1. Femia


      Thank you very much for taking the time to read my review ‘Best carry-On backpack Bag review’ and leave some really useful comments.

      I am glad to hear that you found my review informative and I also hope this will help others who are looking for a travel backpack but they don’t know where to start searching.

      Bookmark this review so that whenever you want to go shopping for backpacks you can refer to it.

      Best wishes

  4. Tim

    Another great The Best Carry-on Backpack Review. Femia, thanks!

    You make it so hard to choose the best backpack from the list you picked at Amazon in that small video.

    Normally I would go for the cheapest backpack, but I do like the fact that the others are of excellent quality and brands.

    Are they delivered? What sort of warranty do you get in the event its damaged?
    Thanks, Femia.

    1. Femia

      Hello, Tim, nice to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to read my Best Carry-on Backpack Bag Review.

      If you want to buy from Amazon click on the links I have added to the review. This will take you to Amazon online platform.

      You will see the backpack. You get to choose the colour you want. Also, you will see reviews left by other customers who bought a similar backpack and get to hear what they say.

      Check out for warranty as well and make sure you read the terms and conditions.

      Hopefully, this helps!

  5. Mary

    Hey Femia,
    This is a piece of very helpful information here about this backpack bag.
    This is a very helpful post, ‘The Best Carry-on Backpack Review.’
    Besides Amazon are you aware of shopping outlets I can get the backpack?
    Thanks for an informative review.


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