Best Golf Bag Review 2018

Golf Bag

Longridge 5″ Pencil Golf Bag

The Best Golf Bag In 2018  

Website: Amazon
Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

Price:  £ 16.99


Description – The Best Golf Bag 2018   

Compact, Lightweight and Durable
The Longridge 5″ Pencil Bag is constructed from ripstop water-resistant nylon material with eco-friendly P/U coating.


A compact and ultra-lightweight travel bag item.
It features a full-length apparel pocket as well as an umbrella holder and accessory pocket to store all your essentials during your round of golf.

The dual strap ensures even weight distribution over both shoulders and the generous pockets allow you to carry all your golfing essentials.


= Includes towel holder, umbrella holder and glove holder
= Great for winter golf
= Comes in two colours Colour: Black / Blue



Ideal size: The bag has a capacity for carrying a selection of clubs when visiting the local range. It can easily fit 10 golf balls, tees, gloves, water bottle, banana, valuables, putter, PW, SW, 9-iron, 8-iron, 7-iron, 5-iron, fairway wood and driver.


Light-weight: Another excellent quality to the bag is it’s so light-weight compared to other golf bags. It can also carry a hybrid and a couple of irons with no problem at all. Including space for balls/tees in the pockets.

Several Compartments: It has several compartments for balls, scorecards and tees and a larger zip up pocket down one side of the bag for jumpers or wet gear. Although the bag is light it is strong with a strap to either carry your back or hold in one hand. Just what the description says. It carries enough clubs to complete a practice round. The bag is well made and robust with enough space for an umbrella and wet weather gear.


The stiffening rod is not relevant because it stops the bag from folding. There is no stand, so it will get mud and dirt quickly. It is rather small but practical. The internal lining seems not strong enough. The pockets are small and bulging into the club tube,  making it difficult to remove and replace clubs.


Who Is It For?

This bag is for golf players. Where To Buy? Its available from various sports shops including Amazon. It is worth the 16 quid you spent on it at Amazon!


Final Verdict: This Longridge 5″ Pencil Golf Bag is a quality travel item. Overall, it’s a great bag.

Golf Grass Sports Cooler for Picnic








Best Golf Bag Features To Look Out For

Besides the bestselling golf bag, I have featured above, it’s important for you to have basic information about golf bags in general. Especially what to look for in a golf bag.

For all golf players, a golf bag is a must-have travel item. I am 100 per cent convinced that no golf game would go ahead without golf bags. Golf bags are equally important as the game itself.

The Purpose of A Golf Bag

The main purpose of golf bags is to carry around golf equipment on the golf course. Every golfer needs to transport golf clubs using a golf bag. It is not practical to walk on the golf course while holding all your different clubs. More importantly, in a safe way. Apart from golf bags, golf players can also carry around golf equipment in trolleys.

11 piece luxury travel luggage set for golfers

Are You Curious To Know What Goes In A Golf Bag?  

Ball, Clubs. Ball Markers, Tees, Golf Bag, Golf Cart, Towel, Club Head Covers. Ball Mark Repair Tool/Clothing like shoes, Gloves.

From this list, it’s apparent that golf equipment consists of various items that are used to play the sport. This equipment is not carried anyhow or in an up-hazard way because it needs to be arranged in a special way.

This is of major importance in meeting health and safety standards. Equipment such as clubs needs to be put inside the bag in such a way that they don’t damage each other.

Players also should avoid putting the heavier ones at the bottom to prevent bags from tipping over and to promote easy carrying.
If you are looking for golf bags, it is important to remember that they are available in single- and double-strap varieties. The different options allow the bags to be worn over on either one or both of the shoulders just like backpacks.

The other type of bag to look out for is the one that is designed for golfers who walk instead of riding a cart.


Best Tips For Choosing A Suitable Golf Bag

Choosing the right bag is largely determined by the kind of courses you are playing on. The number of clubs you carry and your personal taste is other attributes.

The range of Golf bags oscillates between very large to very heavy satchels. Most golf professionals prefer large leather bags, unlike everyday golfers who go for lighter options.

Different Types of Golf Bags

Cart Bags

<img src="image.png" alt="Cart Bag">

Cart Bag

Cart bags are used to carry special items that the golfer likes to keep while golfing. Cart bags are the right choice for a motorised golf cart because they are meant to be kept on the cart.

Choosing a cart bag with extra compartments and pocket is a good option. It accommodates every equipment without causing the golfer to worry about the weight that comes from carrying it around.

Stand Bag 

A stand bag has a built-in device to help prop up the bag. It should have sturdy legs so that it can be made to stand up while you make your shot.

For best results, look for a lightweight bag, probably the one made from nylon. Stand bags, also come with broad and comfortable shoulder straps.

Staff Bags

<img src="image.png" alt=" Staff Bags">

These are large designer made bags. More often they are made from leather and can hold a full set of 14 clubs.

To purchase Golf Bags I have featured in this article, please take a look of Golf Bags

Hopefully, you found this review informative. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave comments below.

8 thoughts on “Best Golf Bag Review 2018

  1. Charles

    Golf bags are an essential tool for any player. The game is better with a nice bag that holds everything you need it to hold.

    You really feature some nice bags in this article. I first played golf when I was in my early twenties. Didn’t know anything about the game then.

    Now, I would say you are right about the importance of the bag.

    1. Femia

      Hi, Charles, thanks so much for your invaluable feedback. Thanks, again, for reassuring me that I’ve featured some nice bags.

  2. manor

    It is all about the bag I guess. not until you start playing professional golf that you understand and appreciate your bag. you gave here some real good examples and actually, there is one I had my eye on. However, I am not completely sure that I understand the differences between the stand bag and the stuff bag. Thank you.

    1. Femia

      Thank you so much for leaving some feedback. Stand bags are the ones that are carried on the back. Most of them have backpack-style shoulder straps for distributing the weight. Cart or Staff bags are designed to be used on flat surfaces e.g back of a riding cart.

  3. Phil

    Hi there,
    Thanks for posting a great review on these golf bags. The thing about playing golf is we need to be as relaxed as possible and also have a bag that can hold everything that we need, while out on the course.playing a tournament or just a friendly game of golf.
    We need to be reassured that we have, a jacket if it rains, some water, markers, some spare balls and lots more of essentials that we may require.
    These bags seem to tick all the boxes here on that score, but I like the ‘Staff Bag’, to me it looks very professional.
    Thanks again for a great review,
    Cheers and best wishes,
    Phil Browne.

    1. Femia

      Hi, Phil, thanks a lot for leaving some feedback. The good thing about the Staff or Cart Bag is that you don’t have to worry about carrying it on your back. Its designed to be carried on the riding cart

  4. Dustin

    Thanks the review. I haven’t played a whole lot golf, but am hoping I can get better as I may need to start golfing with clients for work, and I don’t want to look like a total moron.

    Do you have any tips on what would be a suitable bag for a newbie?

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi, Dustin, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I guess the best thing to do if you are a newbie is to get a guide with simple reference to make sense of what is needed – something with information broken down into handy sections. Most shops have such guides.


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