Best Handmade Shopping Tote Bag Review

By | March 2, 2018

Best Handmade Shopping Tote BagBest Handmade Shopping Tote Bag                                          Review For An Exclusive Travel Item
Price: 1.50

Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10 
Website: eBay

Product Description: This post is a review of a very practical women’s shoulder bag known as the Shopping Tote Bag. 

Natural Material: This women’s shoulder shopping tote bag is made of 100% Natural Cotton.

Good Size to Hold Essentials: The tote bag measurement is 42cm x 38cm.

A Plain Bag: This tote bag is just plain. The advantage is the plain ones are perfect for applying some crafting, printing and artwork. Others prefer if you want to apply any knit work or embroidery on the bags depending on the design you may have on your mind.

Self-Made: This Shoulder Tote Shopper Bag in is a self-made product. I sew it with a domestic sewing machine. The pattern used is very simple and straightforward.

Pros / Cons

Eco-Friendly: These days, most manufacturers aim to make Eco-friendly Shoulder Shopper Tote Bags. And this brings a much-looked for a solution. A suitable substitute for plastic bags that are currently in use on the world market.

A Suitable Substitute For Plastic Bags That Pollute The Environment.

We all are aware of the great damage plastic bags can cause to the environment. The innovation of this type of tote bag goes a long way toward addressing this problem which seems to have gone out of hand. 

Most consumers are quick to discard their plastic bags whenever they finish using them looking forward to getting new supplies next time they go shopping. Moreover, all along shoppers have been getting these plastic career bags for free.

A Reusable Bag: The good thing about the tote bag is it can be reused again and again. This is why in the United Kingdom the Tote Shopper Bag is sometimes called the bag-for-life. Simply meaning it a type of shopping bag people can use more than once.

The tote bag is a fitting alternative to the paper or plastic bag that most people only use once before they get rid of it. A habit, many big supermarkets are trying to nip in the bud by charging for carrier bags. 

Why Is There A Charge on Carrier Bags in the UK?

Big Supermarkets in the United Kingdom have introduced charges of five pence on single-use plastic carrier bags hoping this could reduce usage by as much as 80%. As a result, people are now trying to avoid paying the charge by reusing single-use plastic carrier bags. Alternatively, some prefer using multi-use bags for life i.e. the shoulder tote shopper bag.

Strong & Durable: The advantage of the Shoulder Shopper Tote Bags is it is both strong and durable. What makes them strong is the material they are made from. Usually, they are made from fabrics such as canvas, natural fibres such as Jute, woven synthetic fibres, or thick plastic more durable than plastic.

A Versatile Bag: Versatility as a good quality most bag should have. This bag is no exception, you can choose to use it for shopping because it is roomy enough to carry your groceries. Yet, I have also seen college students using the tote bag. A suitable carrier for workers and students’ lunches. I am 100 % certain that most people would not mind parting with their hard earned cash to buy this product. It’s cheap enough and big enough, all the reasons why people would go for it.

Who is it for?

Shoulder Tote bags are found among the Women Tote Bag range. They are popular with college students and workers at large. In other words, they are suitable for everyone to use since they can be easily adapted to suit various functions.

Printed totes are lightweight, thus ideal for carrying your shopping, gym gear or whatever you need. They are great bags with enough room to accomplish what shoppers need them for. It is the kind of bag that holds well even for carrying quite heavy items, filling them to the maximum and without it going to break or anything.

Training / Support

The Shoulder Tote bags are easy to make. There are plenty of tutorials online starting from the beginners level on How to Sew an Easy Shoulder Tote Bag. YouTube is such one reliable source to get these tutorials.

The book entitled, Tote Bags: 20 Creative Projects, written by Sonia Lucano (2016) gives an easy pattern for making a basic tote bag including 20 ideas for customizing the style to suit your taste and requirements.

Lucano (2016) also suggests an alternative way, say you cannot sew a bag. She says the best way is to buy your own plain tote bag. Then you simply add your own personal touch using different techniques such as embroidery, painting, dyeing, transfers but is stamping, etc.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the different ways you can tweak your bag design so that it looks exactly the way you fancy.


The Shoulder Tote Bag in the picture above is a Do It Yourself (DIY) type. Its selling price is £ 1.50 excluding postage costs pegged at a very minimal fee.

A wide range of quirky tote bags is printed with designs and phrases. these make perfect gifts. As well as many other designs to suit different tastes and occasions.

The prices for tote bags of this make varies depending on the type of tote bag’s design and material used for manufacture. Some tote bags come with logos printed on them.

The History of Shoppers Tote Bags

When tote bags were initially introduced, they were mainly used by brands to advertise those brands and to promote tote bags as an alternative to plastic bags.

These days tote bags are widely seen and carried by people from different walks of life and designed for use at all sorts of occasions.

 Final Opinion / Verdict

The fact nowadays tote bags are made of environmentally friendly materials make them extra special because of their benefits.

The long shoulder straps they come in add a level of ease while still looking super chic.

The tote bags can be perfect carriers to present a gift in.

These basic bags that comes with perfect size, big enough size to be useful are reasonably priced and within most shopper’s reach. You can afford to buy even more than 1 bag to keep aside in your own home in preparation for your next shopping expedition.

Taking into consideration all the many advantages the bag has, makes it a good value for money.



Hopefully, you found this post informative. Please feel free to share your views and experiences in using the Shoulder Tote Shopper Bags below. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate.

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4 thoughts on “Best Handmade Shopping Tote Bag Review

  1. Hannah

    Hello, Femia, thank you for using a very simple approach to explain about ‘the bag that everyone loves’ The Shoulder Tote Shopper Bag.
    I am so impressed its a self-made product. Which shows anyone can make these type of handbags.
    How did you get starts, did you have a patter of some sort to guide you?
    I really enjoyed reading the history of this bag and its relation to environment conservation.
    Who wouldn’t want to get involved and be part of the movement to make our environment a better place.
    Thanks, for such an informative blog!

    1. Femia

      Hello, Hannah, for the invaluable feedback for my post, The Shoulder Tote Shopper Bag.
      I started by doing a search about How To Sew A Shoulder Tote Shopper Bag basic guide.
      It is so simple.
      It depends on the purpose of your Shopper Bag. Sometimes, you don’t even need to buy any cloth material.
      You can make use of your old shirts.

  2. meh

    Thank you, Femia, for this thorough review of the Shoulder Tote Shopper Bag.
    It is a basic and simple bag which seems easy to make.
    I would prefer using this type of bag to plastic bags that are harmful to the environment.
    Most customers can’t be bothered once they have used a plastic bag. They simply chuck it away.
    The Shoulder bag you have review brings a much-needed solution to conserve the environment.

    1. Femia

      Hello, many thanks for sparing your time to read my post, ‘Shoulder Tote Shopper Bag.
      I am glad you enjoyed reading this blog and that you found the subject thought-provoking especially when it comes to matters for conserving the environment.
      I agree with your customers have been playing a part in polluting the environment each time they discard plastic bags.


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