Best Laptop Backpack Bag Review

By | August 19, 2018

Make The Most Of My Best Laptop Backpack Bag Review

Best Laptop Backpack Bag


Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10
Website: Amazon

Price:  £21.98

Introduction: In writing my Best Laptop Backpack Bag Review, my intention is to help travellers make informed decisions and ultimately have stress-free journeys. I have included the history of the backpack.

Why would I want to know the history of a travel bag, let alone for this laptop Backpack History? Every bag has a story behind it. Apparently,  the modern Laptop Backpack you see today has come a long way.

At the time I wrote this review, it was the best-seller backpack on  Amazon.

The Laptop Backpack Features & Dimensions

Size LARGE  (15.6-17.3 Inch)
Items it carries Laptop and Notebook
Dimensions 48 * 33 * 21cm; Volume: 33L; Weight: 0.88kg.
Colours Black



Comfy and Sturdy: are qualities that aptly describes this Laptop Backpack.

Material: It is not only made from the durable material but excellent polyester fabric which is water-resistant. It means it can withstand heavy use and harsh conditions coming from rough handling.

Back Support Relief: Its contoured airflow back design coupled with a soft multi-panel ventilated padding will give you maximum back support. The backpack’s breathable padded shoulder straps give you extra comfort for carrying heavy stuff.


Lots of Storage Space and Pockets:  makes this backpack an extremely organised backpack. Its multi-pockets keep all contents secure, organized and intact. It comes with lots of padding and handy pockets. It brings the much-needed storage solution. It can fit not only your laptop but other items:  leads, phones, water, MP3, lunch and all sorts of papers with loads of room to spare.

The only little disappointment I have is that this backpack’s price has slightly gone up although it’s still within a reasonable range. Its marked price has gone up to £21.98, which in my opinion, is still a fair value. I would not hesitate to recommend this backpack to a friend or buy it myself.


Functional And Safe: The laptop backpack has a strap on the back panel for easy hook-to-luggage or suitcase. Also, its handle tube is convenient for easy carrying around. Its foam padded top handle makes it possible to carry it for a lengthy period – hassle-free. Its hidden anti-theft pocket on the back protects your valuable items from thieves.


Practical & Convenient the laptop backpack’s external Micro-USB port with set-in charging cable offers convenient charging for your cell phone and other electronic devices without opening the backpack on the go. Please note that this laptop bag backpack doesn’t power itself, a USB charging port only offers easy access to charge.



If you are the type of person who commutes every day by train with your laptop, this Laptop Backpack is great because it does the job perfectly well.

The backpack is a Perfect Fit for Any Occasion. Making the bag the most appropriate bag and a suitable travel luggage item.

Why do I recommend this Backpack?
The backpack looks exactly as it is described. It ticks all the boxes.

↵  Its multiple pockets and hidden departments are perfect to accommodate all the tack we tend to accumulate.

   It has an easy access laptop and iPad compartment which are separate from its roomy main compartment. The front organizational pocket is suitable for all your writing utensils, pocket notebooks, and keys, etc. I like the drink holder which is easy to reach and the USB cable pocket

  Its so handy, well-designed for international air travel and day trips, business travelling, weekend getaways, shopping, professional office work and other outdoor activities.

↵  Its unisex appearance makes it suitable for both men and women. Fit-For-All occasions backpack, be it a business backpack, computer bag, travelling bag, school or college rucksack.

 ↵  In one of the reviews left by customers, one lady bought it for her husband for his holiday travels.

What was his verdict? The husband found the backpack a great travel item and finds himself using the bag all the time. He uses it for carrying his stuff. It has loads of compartments for his passport, tickets, wallet etc. Also, a phone socket and compartment for a portable charger. Overall its great for long journeys and comfortable to wear as well.


If you buy this backpack from Amazon, you will get Shipping & Delivery support. Depending on where you live, delivery is done as quickly as possible. The duration ranges from One-Day Delivery to a couple of days. You also get informed about Delivery Rates & Times, Deliveries in the UK, International Delivery Rates & Times, Amazon Global Export Countries and General Delivery Information, Delivery Restrictions etc. 


It’s a very good quality bag for the price of £21.98. It is a good value for money. Most product reviews left by customers on this laptop backpack at the Amazon website have given testimonies of how good the bag is.


One thing I absolutely love about this laptop backpack is its Multi-pocket keeps all contents secure, organized and intact. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about struggling to find your stuff when you want to take them out. It’s that kind of backpack that will give you peace of mind knowing all minor storage issues are taken care of.  It ticks all the boxes and does its job PERFECTLY WELL. 

A Look Back At The History Of The Backpack 

The book, An Uncommon History of Common Things, written by Simon and Schuster (2015), reveals the fascinating history behind this travel bag we know as a backpack. He writes the history has come a long way. 

Backpacks used to be called Rucksacks up until the 1900 period. Rucksack was a term for military bags that were used then. The term was stopped from being used the time backpacks were introduced. That is, in 1900. 

Dick Kelty invented backpacks in 1950 as an alternative to the bulky surplus military backpacks he and other hikers were using. He added a hip belt so that the bag weight could be spread away from the shoulder to make trotting easier. Greg Lowe invented the internal-frame packs in 1967. Since then new inventions have come and gone.

Looking Back At The History Retrospectively

1938 Gerry Outdoors invention of the first backpack with the zipper.
1960 – The coming of satchels in the 1960s.
1967 – Gerry Outdoors came back again in 1967 with a Nylon Backpack.
1967+ Around 1967 JanSport manufactured a large collection of
his own Nylon backpack.
To Date: Since then, it has been one invention after another to the Modern Backpack similar to the one under this review.

To Have Peace of Mind While You Travel, This Laptop Backpack Is A Must-Have!

A backpack is a bag used for carrying heavy loads. I find this Laptop Backpack serving its purpose. Its benefits outweigh its value.

Is The Laptop Backpack The Best On The Market?

YES, it looks like it is judging from customers rating of 5 Stars * Most importantly, its roomy enough to carry all your essentials, durable, affordable, secure to hide tiny belongings and the bestseller nowadays. Therefore, I unreservedly recommend the Laptop Backpack. 

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Hopefully, you find this post useful. Feel free to leave your comments and views below.

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4 thoughts on “Best Laptop Backpack Bag Review

  1. Yaris

    Thanks, Femia, for this detailed review of the Rucksack Backpack.
    From your description, I am fully convinced this backpack is the ideal type of bag I have been looking for all along for my son as well.
    The good thing is you have bought a similar backpack for a school-going teenager. So, you are speaking from a first-hand user experience. My son will use the backpack for carrying his school items as well.
    I am impressed there was a lot of thought that went into the making of this rucksack backpack.
    Besides just carrying books and my kid’s belongings, the bag will improve his safety on the roads to and from school everyday.
    This is particularly handy during the winter season when the sun goes down early and it gets dark around 4:00 pm. Thanks so much.

    1. Femia

      Hello, Yaris, firstly, many thanks for sparing your time. Secondly, I would like to thank you for leaving some invaluable comments.
      I am glad to hear you found my post relevant to helping you choose the right backpack for your son.
      If there is anything that annoys most mothers, is buying an item for their kids which fails to meet their needs.
      This Rucksack Backpack is a good item for kids to use to carry their books. I do recommend it. All the best of luck. Hopefully, you find the colour you want.

  2. Charlee

    Hello, Femia, thank you for this detailed review of the Laptop Backpack you said it’s the best selling at Amazon these days.
    That says a lot. I will definitely seriously consider buying it as I’m planning to go on a field trip where I bring along my laptop.
    What I like most about the backpack is its secure compartments where I can stash some valuable and travel with peace of mind.
    Thank s for an enjoyable read so full of information,

    1. Femia

      Hello, many thanks for stopping by and leaving some awesome feedback.
      I am glad you found my post informative and has helped you prepare for your field trip.
      Have a wonderful trip, a stress-free one as this Laptop Backpack will give you peace of mind.
      It is big enough to fit in your laptop safely inside and its also easy to carry.


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