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Men Messenger Bags For Travel 

Today, my focus is on giving you basic information about travel bags for men. Shopping becomes exciting when you have the right information at the tips of your fingers.  There are no regrets afterwards because your success  in getting the right suitcase or briefcase for your journey is guaranteed from start.


Men’s travel bags are classified into different categories. This is largely determined by factors such as the bag’s brand, bag design and the material used to manufacture the travel bag.


Under the men category of bags, we have bags that are designed for weekend travel, popularly known as, the weekend bag. A wide range of them fits in the category Modern Man Bags.

Travel Bags for Men - Laptop Bag

Travel Bags for Men – Laptop Bag

Men’s bags also include rucksacks, leather holdalls, trendy backpacks, practical messenger bags, men shoulder bags, briefcases, laptop bags, gym bags, designer bags and a whole range of travel accessories that cover business card holders.

Laptop Bags for Modern Man shown in the picture above are simply the best. The good side of this laptop bag is that it can hold more than just a laptop. It actually holds both a laptop and a digital single-lens reflex camera also called a digital SLR or DSLR. This helps you to save money since this laptop bag does a double job for you.

I also recommend the Duffel Filson brand. If you are the kind of person who hates exposing your bag contents to intruders like water, dust and sand, then this is definitely a bag for you. A must have on your Wish List.


The Canvas Messenger Bag is quite stylish and a fitting alternative to a backpack. A messenger bag, as the name suggests, is used for various purposes. It is used by bicycle messengers or foot messengers as a courier bag and Canvas messenger bags are the most suitable for this type of job.  

A Messenger bag can also be used as a school bag by students for carrying their books. The fact that it’s durable and has multiple compartments, makes it fit for purpose.


A messenger bag is similar to the type of bag that mail couriers use to deliver mail. It also works perfectly well as a Laptop bag because it’s roomy enough to carry a portable device. Messenger bags make good diaper bags for carrying baby stuff like nappies.


If you are looking for the best lunch bag, I recommend that you buy the Waxed Canvas lunch bag on the picture above. This one is particularly designed for men. You can rest assured that your lunch can travel in style. And nothing will get inside to ruin your food because the bag is waterproof. It keeps your lunch dry and remains fresh.


Briefcases are worth considering especially leather briefcases. To know more about briefcases, I have left for you a review of a Leather Briefcase, that a friend of mine has been using for quite a number of years. The review can be viewed here.

<img src="image.png" alt=" Man Designer Bags">

Man Designer Bags

Travel Bags for Men – Designer Bags

From a long list of designers worldwide, we have a broad range of men’s travel luggage to choose from. Gucci, Boss Green, Luggagedesigners and Samsonite, just to mention a few of the famous designers in the men’s travel luggage range. Samsonite   International is the world’s largest travel luggage company. It is one of the most recognizable designers and manufacturers of the soft side and hard case suitcases, business cases and garment bags.


Samsonite is a brand name and it distributes a range of sporty backpacks, messenger bags and duffels aimed at teenagers and college students. It is also renowned for its top quality and elegant luggage for business travel. The amazing thing is that its products are moderately priced.


To purchase some of the products I have featured in this article, please click The Modern Man to have a look.


If you have questions related to my blog post, ‘Men Messenger Bags’ please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to get back to you with answers.




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  1. Torrey

    You’ve got some really snazzy looking bags there now!!
    I’m wondering if you’ve every done any research on flight bags for pilots? Student pilots in particular because they ususally have more stuff to carry with them. I am a student pilot and would like to buy a flight bag but I’m not sure whinch one to buy. Torrey

    1. Femia

      Thank you so much, Torrey, for pointing me in that direction. It sounds a very interesting area to look into. I promise, my next post will be featuring the Pilot Flight Bags especially the classy ones but most appropriate.

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    Very nice page. It is not over whelming it is very nice to browse! The bags are beautiful. I love them, Moreover they are very fashionable and colorful. I like that we can click on the bags and get detailed information and pricing and the drop down menus offering us a choice. It appears to be high quality. I will surely be back.

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi, Carole, thank you so much for your encouragement.


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