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Oakley Backpack Bag     

My Honest Oakley Backpack Bag Review 

Product: Oakley Backpack
My Rating: 9 out of 10 


Oakley Backpack – Price: £ 25.00


Oakley Backpack Bag Features & Dimensions 

My Honest Oakley Backpack Review reveals why this backpack is the best form of travel bag for me. This is a personal item I bought the Oakley Backpack for a young lad who is in secondary school doing Year 9. The one I bought has a slightly different colour to the one in the picture. I bought mine in September 2016.

It’s a Matt Black with a big Blue Oakley Design logo running down the front. Parallel to the logo is a zip which opens into a pretty big amount of space inside.

At the corner is a small pocket with a zip. The pocket can be used to store a phone, car keys or any type of accessories.

This backpack is simply the best carry-on travel bag. It also has a strap with a plastic buckle that goes around the waist. Inside, it has a laptop holder that leaves an open space for storing books or any large amount of items.

The size of the Oakley Backpack is approximately H43cm x W33cm x D18cm. The material used is 100 per cent Nylon. Oakley Backpack is also available in Navy Blue colour.

The Oakley Backpack Pros/Cons

The only side to not so good is that the backpack material at the bottom fades away with heavy use. But in all fairness, it all depends on how you use it.

Who is it for?

I recommend this bag for people who are in a very demanding Education sector like colleges and secondary schools. Students in high school and college can use the Oakley Backpack for carrying their books, notebooks, binders and other school supplies. Oakley Backpacks make great school bags because they are very durable.

The backpack is most suitable for people in the Education sector because it allows them to carry a large amount of work with no hassle. On the shoulders, the backpack has padding which brings comfort to the shoulders. Also, the way the bag is designed makes it easy to carry stuff.

Price for Oakley Backpack

The price I bought the backpack at Amazon UK in 2016 –  £ 25.00. The only defect is one minor hole at the bottom of the bag but overall the backpack is still in good condition.

Compared to other bags the boy has used in the past, he can see how well the bag is put together. Now a year has gone and he still has the bag, leaving him to conclude that the backpack bag is worth every penny.

I hope you have gained a few things from this review. If you have any comments about the Oakley Backpack or you want to leave your own review, please feel free to do so at the bottom of this page.

Please note, this is a review I wrote in January 2016 and the backpack may be out of stock or no longer being sold at Amazon.


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10 thoughts on “Oakley Backpack Bag Review

  1. Pete

    Great review of the backpack! I like how the style is one that is very simple, and yet still sleek. I’m in my late 20s, and I would use that backpack myself. I carry my laptop with me wherever I go for my work, so having a compartment solely for my laptop would be ideal. I’m always worried about my other books and pens and things scratching up the case. I was wondering how is the padding of the backpack? Do you think it offers enough protection for a laptop without any kind of other case on it?

    1. Femia Post author

      Thank you Pete, for your comment. At the back, the backpack has a laptop size pocket where you can fit your laptop and it’s got lots of padding to keep your laptop in the same shape you put it in. It won’t affect the comfort of the bag, i.e. putting strain on your back.

  2. Stella

    That certainly sounds like a sturdy backpack. Boys in high school are usually pretty rough on their backpacks, so it is probably of good quality to last so well. My son is going back for his second year of college in the fall. This might be a good purchase for him. He has a lot of books and things to carry. Thanks for the great review! Stella

    1. Femia

      Thank you, Stella, for your comment. Definitely, I would recommend this backpack. It’s not only a very well made bag, it also has excellent quality and loads of space. I’m sure you son will love it.

  3. Eric Cantu

    That’s a pretty slick backpack. Would you say it’s mainly for young boys or would an adult be ok having one. I do a lot of traveling and sometimes i don’t want a cumbersome backpack for a day long excursion. Also how much protection would it offer against rain and water?

    Nice thorough review. I appreciate your taking the time.

    1. Femia

      Many thanks, Eric, for your feedback. It’s quite a stylish backpack which is also suitable for adults. In terms of protection, actually, it’s very good. My son, I bought it for, uses it for school books and they never get wet when it is raining.

  4. ht

    A stylish backpack. Exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks for the review. I will consider based on the comparison with a few more I’m also looking at. Do you have reviews of other similar kind of bags of the same price range. Perhaps another different brand? I’m using this for night classes.

    1. Femia

      Many thanks for your comment and doing reviews on more similar bags is something I will work on.

  5. Kevin

    I like the shape of this backpack. Wish they had this back when I was in school. The cons don’t sound bad, but I wonder why there is that small hole at the bottom? I know some people that use backpacks for their laptops so this backpack would probably be perfect for them. Thank you for providing me with this review!

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi, Kevin, I would like to thank you for taking the time to leave some helpful comments.
      I am glad my review has given you a picture of how this travel backpack looks like.
      About the small hole, I’m sure the hole came about through usage.
      The backpack was in perfect condition at the time of purchase.
      Once again, thanks for stopping by.


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