Bestseller Casual Ladies Embroidered Owl Print Tote Bag Review

By | October 10, 2019
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What Makes Casual Ladies Embroidered Owl Print Tote Bag Bestseller?

Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5
Owners: U.Expectating
Website: Amazon

This is a review of the bestselling handbag on Amazon platform (at the time of writing this post). The Embroidered Owl Tote Bag is suitable for mature women and girls.

You can wear it as a shoulder handbag or across the body. Judging from the bag name and its measurements of 23.5cm(H)×1cm(W)×21cm(L), seems to suggest it’s a handbag of small size fit for casual wear.

Bestseller Casual Ladies Embroidered Owl Print Tote Bags Features & Dimensions

Product category Women’s Hobos and Shoulder Bags
Product Dimensions:

Size: 23.5cm(H)×1cm(W)×21cm(L)

Boxed-product Weight: 82.6g
Amazon Bestsellers Rank: # 2 Bestseller
Colour Names: A

Outer Material: Linen

Material Composition: Linen

Open method Zipper


A very practical handbag to use during times of travel. Its versatile and you can wear it underneath your coat.

It accommodates small items like a wallet and tiny accessories. It has a zipper to keep your things secure. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your stuff is safe from pickpockets.

Three roomy compartments
Allow you to stash most of your small items including pens a notebook and more.

A Perfect Gift
A perfect gift for your loved ones especially at times like Christmas. It can also be a perfect birthday gift for those who are owl mad. I’m sure they will simply love this bag. It’s is not only very cute but also well made. Its price is lower than expected.

Travel Bag Suitable For Travel
The bag is a suitable travel bag item highly recommended if you are going on holiday for a nice crossbody bag to hold your important stuff without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Excellent Design and Secure
The embroidery design and the owl unicorn are very appealing especially to people who are artistic and those who love art and the owl design. The zipper makes the bag secure to keep stuff.


The handbag is nicely woven and has a lovely pattern. The only issue is that the bag seems very small compared to its measurements. It would be OK if you just wanted to carry your phone and wallet, but wouldn’t take much else.

At the time of publishing this post, there was 1 purchase left in stock which maybe an indication that there are not many of the bags available for purchase or they are selling fast.

Amazon Customer Ratings says a lot. The percentage of 5 star rating far outweighs the remaining ones put together.


This bag is for both ladies and girls and is good for wear as shoulder bag or a crossbody bag. Casual bag you can use to stash your accessories like ID cards, keys, make-up kit and a mobile phone on a day out shopping.

An excellent bag to travel with where you can put all your travel documents. Young girls can use it for school or going on holiday.


If you buy this handbag from Amazon, it delivered in time and you can track the delivery process. You can contact Amazon online to make inquiries.


Bestseller Casual Ladies Embroidered Owl Print Tote Bag costs £0.46. This is a very low price compared to the handbag’s worth.

The idea of wearing the bag under a coat is brilliant especially if you are carrying a lot of cash and you want to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.


Judging from the number of people, 144, who left positive reviews of the Bestseller Casual Ladies Embroidered Owl Print Tote Bag on Amazon, it must be a good handbag to buy.

The price is not only affordable but its good value for money. No wonder why the Casual Ladies Embroidered Owl Print Tote Bag was the bestselling handbag at the time of writing this review.

If you are that type of a person who wants to add little expressions to your dressing through embroidery , this bag is just made for you.

Hopefully, you find my post Bestseller Casual Ladies Embroidered Owl Print Tote Bag Review informative. If you have any questions in relation to my article, please leave them below,Im pleased to come back to you as soon as I am.


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