Bestseller Cruiser Golf Lightweight Stand Bag Review

By | February 5, 2019

Is CRUISER GOLF SB2 Super Lightweight Stand Bag Worthy It?


Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars
Price: £ 39.99
Owners: Cruiser
Website: Amazon



There are different golf bags for sale.  There are important features to look out for before you set out to buy a golf bag be it online or in store. I’m here to help you figure out how to pick the golf bag appropriate for you through my Bestseller Cruiser Golf Lightweight Stand Bag Review.

Among the different types of golf bags on the market are stand bags, Sunday bags, staff bags, hybrid bags and cart bags. All these different types of bags serve different purposes. The Cruiser Golf SB2 Super Lightweight is a Stand Bag.

What Differentiate A Stand Bag From Other Bags? 

A stand bag allows you to walk while you are playing golf. This is different from a cart bag. A cart bag is for golfers who tend to play at just one place, so they make use of either a cart bag or a staff bag.


CRUISER GOLF SB2 Super Lightweight Stand Bag Features & Dimensions


Brand name


Product Dimensions

29 x 20 x 90 cm ; 1.8 Kg

Item Weight

1.4 Kg

Bestseller Rank

#1 in Sports & Outdoors > Golf > Golf Club Bags > Stand Bags


4 Zipped Pockets Including Soft Lined Valuables Pocket, and Additional Cooler Drinks Pouch.


Colour: Black/Grey


Lightweight Stand Bag

                        Prize: £39.99


This golf bag is LIGHTWEIGHT and only weighs 1.4kg. Nothing supersedes a super lightweight bag. It is the best option for easy play while walking. Using a heavy golf bag instead, makes you walk in a clumsy way.

With Padded Double Shoulder Strap for Complete Comfort. Having a comfortable strap makes the bag easy to use. If you are to walk, play and carry a golf bag, it has to feel comfortable. And a wide, well-padded strap with plenty of room to adjust to fit your body type will be quite handy and does a perfect job in giving the much-needed comfort.

Upright Lightweight Stand Bag


A golf bag with traps is adjustable to make the bag easy to carry on your shoulders while keeping your clubs inside the bag. Without the straps for making necessary adjustments, the bag wouldn’t feel comfortable to carry. Otherwise, it will press the heavy load onto your shoulders.

4 Way 8.5″ Divider Top and Quick Flip Stand Mechanism make the golf bag easy to use. Club Dividers keep your clubs from knocking against each other. Dividers are useful to separate multiple pockets of a golf bag.

This golf bag has the Top Grab Handle for easy mobility. Rain Hood, a waterproof rain cover. Most professionals around the world prefer the Top Grab Handle.

Towel Ring – Velcro Glove Holder – Umbrella Holder. A good golf bag you can use to store all the stuff you typically need like an umbrella, tees, gloves and other accessories.

Pockets: makes the golf bag have enough storage space, 4 Zipped Pockets, including Soft Lined Valuables Pocket, and a Cooler Drinks Pouch where you can easily store your water bottle or other items. Pockets are quite handy for valuables.

QUALITY GUARANTEED 2 Year Warranties! makes you shop with confidence knowing any mishaps with the golf stand up bag will be taken care of.

Some use full-length individual dividers, particularly on cart bags. Some bags have five divider pockets and others have three. Just make sure you feel comfortable with all your clubs in the bag. Typically, one pocket for woods and one pocket for short irons is good, with two pockets in the middle for the middle and long irons.

Weight: Some golfers love to carry their bags while they walk. Can they do it when the bag is too heavy? This golf club weight 1.4 Kg. It’s not bad at when the bag is still retaining its sturdiness.

Besides being described as a Lightweight Stand Bag there is no information to explain what material the bag is made from.


Price: The price of £ 39.00 is affordable and quite reasonable considering you can get a good golf bag in the range between £14.95 and £1,849.00. This Stand Golf Bag is reasonably priced. The cheaper once tend not to be durable. To avoid going over the same search sooner you are better off going for the higher priced ones for excellent quality.

Lightweight Stand Bag Reviews

Amazon Customer Reviews


Final Verdict

The Cobra stand bag is designed with a 5-way padded section for your golf clubs, as well as full-length dividers and a handle for easy mobility.

The quick release dual padded shoulder straps make it even easier and comfortable to carry around the course than other bags on the market.

Also, customer reviews prove its the right golf club to buy that is prefered by most customers. 

In conclusion, this CRUISER GOLF SB2 Super Lightweight Stand Bag is considered a comfortable bag to use on the course and worth buying.  Its one of the lightest bags on the market with 1.4 kg.

If you have any questions in relation to my CRUISER GOLF SB2 Super Lightweight Stand Bag Review, please leave them below. I will respond as soon as I can.



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