Bestseller Trespass Albus Backpack Review

By | February 4, 2019

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Is Bestseller Trespass Albus Backpack Worth £17.95 To You?

Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars
Price: £ 17.95
Owners: Albus
Website: Amazon

                                 Price: £17.95


The Trespass Albus Backpack, 30 Litres is not only stylish but a very functional travel bag. I would use it for outdoor activities. It’s all up to you. This backpack is also ideal for a family trip.

The side pockets are perfect for storing water and other bottles you might want to carry. Its main compartment is big enough to store a couple of items including other pockets that also have their own compartments.

The backpack is also suitable for use as a gym bag where you can stash your items in the 3 compartments. More than 1 colour is available including Mint colour.


Bestseller Trespass Albus Backpack Features & Dimensions


Brand name




Material type

Polyester – durable polyester ripstop




Zip closures – 3 zip sections on the front

Volume capacity

30 litres



Multi-function and adjustable backpack. For extra comfort, you can adjust the bag, making it a great bag for daily and travel use.

3 Zip Sections – leaves you with plenty of storage space. Coupled with additional internal pockets that give you peace of mind knowing that your valuables are going to be safe while you are on the move.

Backpack Inside

Inside Albus Backpack

Multi-Purpose – A bag of multiple functions is every traveller’s dream. And this Trespass Albus Backpack is a versatile Backpack. You can use it for a wide range of functions: for camping, for school, for the office, travel, for hiking and for the gym.


Convenient Side Mesh Pocket – A bag without a convenient pocket to store your bottle of water is a nightmare. It has also an internal key ring. I struggle at times to find my keys once I throw them inside my bag. Maybe, it’s just me.

Suitable for hikes. The backpack’s durable polyester ripstop qualities make it fit for backpacking trips and the daily commute to work.


Besides being an absolutely fine bag due to its comfort, like any other travel bags on sale, if not handled with care, the backpack can be easily worn out. Especially the zip closures need gentleness while opening and closing them. If you are not careful and gentle enough, the zip may get stuck in the sim or get broken.


It is a superb backpack for the price of £17.95 compared to what the backpack has to offer. It is well-made with plenty of storage, comfortable to wear, plenty of pockets and spaces for all sorts of things. It is an excellent value for money.

Whether you choose to use this bag for day hiking it ticks, it all the boxes. Its waterproof, comfortable wear, good size to fit your lunch box and other tiny bits. It’s one of the nicest backpacks I have seen on Amazon compared to others that are over ‘branded’ of much poor quality. Yet people still buy them at a higher price. 



The bag has received more than 700 reviews on the Amazon platform. Out of the majority, only a few said they were not happy with the zip that got broken or got stuck in the seam.


At least the reviews make it possible for us to know both the pros and cons of buying this backpack. I would not hesitate to recommend it. Although, I would say it depends on what you are looking for. Is it the style – backpack, or the brand or its capacity to hold things. 


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