Bestsellers TaylorMade Pro Stand 6.0 Golf Bag Review

By | February 8, 2019

Man carrying TaylorMade Pro Stand 6.0 Golf Bag

Clear And Unbiased Facts In My GOLF BAG REVIEW  

Product: # 1 TaylorMade Pro Stand 6.0 Golf Bag
Owner: TaylorMade
Website: Amazon
Overall Rank: 4.5 out of 5 stars


In this busy world of today, no one has enough time to research before buying the best golf bag to replace the old one that may be now worn out. Hopefully, my Bestseller TaylorMade Pro Stand 6.0 Golf Bag Review will do exactly what you have been looking for. It is my intention to give you that much-needed information so that you decide which golf bag to pick from a multitude of other bags.

TaylorMade has changed the game by manufacturing this Stand Golf Bag. It has a lot to offer. Its Lightweight Stay rod construction makes it lighter for comfort wear during transportation. The 10″ Top cart bag’s lovely features include the 14-Way top with two easy access Side handles, Integrated grab handle for trolley user and an Extra-large putter well divider for easy organisation of contents. The 4-Point adjustable backpack strap does an excellent job to bring maximum balance and comfort.

A standing TaylorMade Pro Stand 6.0 Golf Bag

Price:    £80.65


TaylorMade Stand 6.0 Golf Bag Features & Dimensions

Brand name



Black / Blue


One Size, Colour: Black / Blue


Pro Stand 6.0

Material type



Golf Club Bags




front integrated grab handle and two side grab handles


Colour-coordinated marsh

Best Sellers Rank

#1 in Sports & Outdoors > Golf > Golf Club Bags > Stand Bags



The quality of this TaylorMade Stand Golf Bag is exceptional. It oozes quality, made with great materials and has a sturdy design. In the product description, this bag is not classed as waterproof, but the materials used has kept many customers smiling. The bag managed to keep everything dry during downpours.


Its Full-length club division is superb including the putter.

You will not complain about storage. This golf bag has plenty of pockets to take everything you possibly would need.


Overall, the features are pleasing, one particularly outstanding, is its circular club divider design, making it far easier to locate and access the clubs.

This stand golf bag fits into most push trolleys with no problem at all. To add, it can perfectly stand next to your car quite safely while you are getting the trolley ready. 

Waterproof – Quality. One of Amazon’s customers left a review saying he used the golf bag during a heavy downpour. Surprisingly, all pocket contents remained dry. I’m sure this wouldn’t have been the case with other bags.

Lightweight: The bag feels light and it is easy to handle because of a hand grip near the bottom, plus a larger handle at the top, making it is easy to put in and out of the car.

Towel loop and umbrella holder – quiet handy features that solve storage problems and to get prepared for any kind of weather conditions.

Season – Year-Round. The fact it’s an all-year-round bag makes it good value for money, my opinion since you can use it any time.


 Reading the product details, not enough information is given to describe how functional the bag is. For example, the description doesn’t say its waterproof. This can mislead customers to think the bag doesn’t have waterproof qualities.

Only one minor issue, certain putters with very large grips on them may not fit into the supplied holder.




The golf bag is reasonably priced taking into consideration it’s great features and excellent quality. It is also within the TaylorMade brand price range £79.95 – £116.00.



Stand Golf Bag Customer Reviews


Judging from customer reviews from people who have bought this bag and actually used it, the bag is an excellent product and one to buy. The majority of customers highly rated this golf bag. At the time of writing the review, it was Amazon no.1 best seller in the category of Sports Golf Bags.



This stand golf bag is one of the best ones ever made. No wonder why its #1 at Amazon in the category of Sports & Outdoors, Golf Club Bags, Stand Bags. Its full-length dividers make it possible to organise your golf clubs much easier. The lightweight construction (2.2kg) and durable material provide added protection while on the go transporting equipment. Its holders are at the right places with easy access. The handles make you lift the bag effortlessly.

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