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By | October 28, 2017

Where To Buy Best Suitcase Covers?Suitcase Cover For Travel Bags

Suitcase Covers are also known by a different name. Some call them Luggage Protector Covers. It depends on the outlet that you decide to go shopping. Most Suitcase Covers are made in such a way that they fit most brand suitcases perfectly well. However, some brand suitcases may have assorted designs which come with covers that are designed differently.


Everything You Want To Know About Suitcase Covers

  • Luggage Covers are useful in protecting your luggage against dirt because they are dust proof.
  • Also, useful for protection from scratches.
  • Luggage Covers or Suitcase Protectors come in very bright colours. Such a colour scheme is deliberately designed. The intention is to make the covers easy to spot on the luggage belt at the airport. In other words, they make your suitcase instantly recognizable.

What to Look Out For In A Suitcase Cover? Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These Tips


To give you a guide to buying the best Suitcase Cover, always look out for:

(1)  Luggage Protector Covers with High-Quality Fabric. High Quality is perceived differently by different people. Amazon (2017) suggests High quality includes: Spandex, Elastic, Thick, Flexible, Stretch, Soft. It is made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. In addition, eBay’s (2017) suggests 85% polyester 15% spandex, easy to wash and never fade.


(2) Depending on your product taste, aim to choose a flexible travel luggage cover. Such that when you are not using it, you are able to fold it into a small size to save space for convenience to carry.


(3) Eye for an Elastic Luggage Cover made of high elastic polyester fabric which is ideal for travelling. Especially, the ones that are designed to come with a close-fitting because they are guaranteed to give your luggage full protection by keeping it secure and intact i.e. in one place.


(4) Aim to choose Suitcase Protectors designs that match most suitcases so that they are easy to tote around. Choose a cover open on the sides of the bottom which allows the wheels to move around perfectly.


(5) Try to get a Suitcase Protector which has a removable and washable lining. This is very important for hygiene reasons.


(6) The best Luggage cover is the one that is made of water-resistant polyester for added protection against water and dust.


(7) Look out for a cover that folds neatly and comes with a pouch for easy storage.


(8) A Suitcase Protector which comes with a Quick access zipper opening for top and side carry handles.


There is an endless list of shops and outlets where you can get suitcase covers or luggage covers. Below is a list of places you can shop for Suitcase Covers online. You may want to do a Google search for yourself by typing in ‘best shop for luggage covers. The search will bring out a lot of shops, the likes of Internet Gardener and Amazon, among other places.,,,,, Ali,, and, are websites worthy of paying a visit. The more sites you visit, the more price comparisons you will be able to get, leading to the best shopping experience.


However, if you want to physically visit these shops, check on their websites. Then look for contact details like telephone or map directions. Also, check under Contact Us.


Travel Luggage Covers – Lets Go Shopping!

(1) Amazon Suitcase Covers

(2) eBay Luggage Covers

(3) Roncato Foldable Luggage Covers. Roncato collection is made in Italy and they provide Free Shipping.

(3) Shop Style Luggage Covers

(4) Walmart Luggage Covers or Suitcase Covers that are foldable

(5) Sports Direct Luggage Covers

(6) Ali Express Luggage Covers

(7) Argos Protector Bags

(8) Tripp Large Suitcase Covers

(9) D H Gate Luggage Covers

(10) Debenhams Luggage Covers

(11) Luggagesuperstore Luggage Covers

(12) Tripadvisor Avis SUV Luggage covers

The world continues to advance in terms of developments, so does everything else including trends in the travel luggage industry. The idea of covering or protecting our luggage has grown to a different level.


Passengers are now turning to wrap their suitcases at airports.

The Daily Mail (2015) covered a similar story:

More and more passengers are turning to industrial-strength wrapping in airports to secure their luggage. 

If the Daily Mail covered this article in 2015, the practice must have spread globally by now.


Recently, I travelled through Harare Airport. I discovered the Suitcase Cover or wrapping service was also available.

To conclude, this article is intended to inform you what suitcase covers or luggage protectors are. Also, to equip you with advice through hints and tips so that you buy the best luggage covers that of good quality and at affordable prices. In addition, to signpost you to various places that you can go shopping. Before you go shopping, firstly, look around and do your research, comparing prices before you buy any Suitcase Covers.


If you have any questions in relation to my post, Buy Suitcase Covers – Travel Bag‘ please do not hesitate to leave them below. I will be more than happy to respond as soon as I can.





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4 thoughts on “Buy Suitcase Covers – Travel Bag

  1. Mei Scarlet

    Thank you for all the information! I’m always frustrated when I buy nice new luggage, and even within one international flight… it can get so dirty – and it’s not always so easily cleaned and restored to how it originally looked.
    I like that you mention they can be waterproof. I never thought of that, but that would really be perfect! Especially because most of my suitcases aren’t hard-case, so I feel like the water does more damage?

    Will definitely check these out more! Thank you! 🙂

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi there Mei,

      Many thanks for dropping by and leaving some great comments, its very much appreciated. I am glad that you found the post useful
      and informative. I agree with you that suitcases can get dirty as we travel. We welcome the invention of accessories such as Cover Bags that make our lives a lot easier.

      Thanks again for dropping by.

      Cheers Femia

  2. angie

    I’ve never thought of getting a cover for my suitcase but this would be a good gift for someone who does a lot of traveling. I was wondering why a person should look out for one that folds neatly and comes with a pouch? I didn’t realize they were so popular, there are quite a few different distributors. That’s great! I always like to learn something new.
    Thank you!

    1. Femia Post author

      Hello, Angie, thank you very much for stopping by and leaving some invaluable comments.

      I agree with you that getting a suitcase cover for someone who enjoys travelling is a perfect gift. Especialy a cover that is made with water-resistant polyester for added protection for water and dust. Also, the cover which folds neatly and comes with a pouch for easy storage.

      Once again, many thanks.


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