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By | October 25, 2018

Travel Carpet Bag

Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10
Price: £39.99
Brand of bags: Signare
Owners: by Handbag Queen
Website: Amazon



My intention is to leave you with a Carpet Bag Review that will help you as a traveller. I know how daunting it can be to get all the travel bags information you are looking for in one place like I have done here on this site. I believe the more informed you are about the broad range of travel bags out there, the better-informed decisions you are able to make.


Size: 22″ (57cm) W, 11.8″ (30cm) H, 10.6″ (29cm) D

Description: Signare 22″ 45L (LARGE) ladies holdall bag/travel bag/weekend bag/cabin hand luggage/ Morning Garden.
Features: Sturdy tapestry material, Zip fastener on top, inner zip pocket, 2 sturdy faux leather handles and reinforced base.


What is A Carpet Bag?

A carpet bag is a travelling bag made of carpet, commonly from an oriental rug. They were a popular form of luggage in the United States and Europe in the 19th century. Some modern versions serve as handbags or purses.



I have come across reviews left by customers after buying the carpet bag in the picture.


This is what people had to say


(1) The Carpet Bag is quite handy, well-designed and suitable for international travel, travelling by air, suitable for day trips, business travel, weekend getaways, shopping, professional office work and other outdoor activities.


(2) A customer who used the bag as a hospital bag after going into labour said the bag was able to fit all her stuff. Also, other people who had used the carpet bag as a Hospital bag said it had aesthetically and robust material. When empty, the carpet bag folds flat and does not take up valuable storage space. Being made of carpet material, the bag is durable to withstand wear and tear.



The only issue with the Carpet Bag is that it keeps folding by itself. So, it gets difficult to pack. It doesn’t have any pockets or sections, so it is hard to find things once you have packed.


For over-packers, the bag may not hold too many things, definitely not enough for 2-night hospital stays. However, it does comply with the usual dimensions for overnight bags. Due to the bag’s type of material (which does not easily give in) your space is limited to the exact bag dimensions. People find it impossible to squeeze anything extra and would love this bag in same dimensions but having more height than length.


Someone who bought this bag said the zip is not long enough to open the bag wide for easy packing. The quality of this product is very good, the only disappointment is the colour. The background colour is a lot darker than that shown.



The Carpet Bag in the picture is a Large Ladies Holdall bag and can be used in many ways as a travel bag, weekend bag, cabin hand luggage and Morning Garden bag.



In today’s modern day the carpet bag represents a piece of the vintage style. Its history is connected to the US Civil War but today the meaning has a place in your personal vintage collection.


Technically a carpet bag is made strictly from the carpet material. Needlepoint are hand stitched designs using carpet as the base of the bag’s frame, but not entirely made from carpet and in comparison, much more intricately designed. Everything was made by hand since it wasn’t until the Post World War II when factories became stomping grounds for style production at all.


What is the Carpet Bag’s Origin?

1800 – The true origin of the carpet bag rests in travel itself because the bag was not invented for the style. Instead, it was for practical and for its necessary use during the 1800s.


The 19th Century Period.

In the 19th century, many families spend considerable time travelling, moving around the United States in search of fresh land and greener pastures. The carpetbag was invented by local Dry Goods Stores for travelling families to have a practical piece of luggage to carry all their possessions. Hence, Carpet bags of that era were built to last and carpet material was chosen.


(1) It was less expensive than leather and if constructed carefully would last a lifetime.


(2) Carpet material was preferred. In homes, carpets were popular and the “remainder” pieces were easily bought to use for the construction of carpet bags, a sustainable invention that used remnants of materials which otherwise would have gone unused.


THE 1920s – 1950s 

The Carpet Bag’s general styles have evolved over the years. The handbag style most popular between 19the 20s – 1950s was a carpet bag with handles and made from leather, chains and Lucite- glass-like plastic material. During the 19th century, carpet factories came up with a brilliant way of making use of carpet remnants. Some factories sold these remnants to luggage companies while other carpet companies manufactured their own bags.


After the Second World war, all fashions were determined by trends and instead of functional practicality. Unique shapes were invented and a return to handmade needlepoint designs returned and was available for consumer consumption once again.


THE 1960s, 1964 carpet bag

A popular carpet bag brand of the mid-1960s is known as “the California Carpetbagger invented by Jerry Terrence. The Original Carpet Bag company encouraged the use of brand new carpet material.


Jerry Terrence had no knowledge of the fashion industry but contracted the sturdy hardware portion of the purses to a friend in the tool-and-die industry. What Terrence was familiar with is the material for purses’ fabric—carpeting. Using his expertise, he custom-created popular 1960s colours to match the preference of the mature women that were his main audience in those days. This marked the beginning of the line of bold, unique, well-constructed purses bearing the Original Jerry Terrence Carpet Bag label, which women enthusiastically bought for a retail price of about $8.99 each.


An apt description of the style of carpet bags in the 1960s is fun, funky and floral. Using carpet material for the manufacture of purses also broadened creative texture experimentations.


The Carpet Bag Style In The 1970s: there were still floral carpetbags, the general style flavour of the day leaned toward ethnic designs and darker colours.


Over the years Persian Carpet Bags have been manufactured from Persian carpet. For example, the Turkish Overnight Luggage Bag vintage travel in style type of bag. It’s a very large, hefty overnight bag was constructed of 100% wool Turkish kilim woven rug pieces.


The style of the carpet bag in the 1980s, a period of creativity and experimentation, bags were designed in unique shapes including purses.



Several ethnic minorities have maintained separate traditions and this includes specialized bags and bolsters covers. Ethnic bags were most certainly designed with love and personal creative investment in mind, versus an eye flattering floral design representative of little.


Cultural impact

The carpetbaggers of the Reconstruction after the American Civil War were given their name from this type of luggage which they carried.


Mary Poppins, a fictional character arrived clutching her magical carpetbag, a motif in the children’s novels and in the famous 1964 film.

The Magic Bag of Tricks in the Felix the Cat cartoons resembles a carpetbag.


The Final Verdict

A Carpet Bag is a carry-it-all type of travel bag. It is the style of luggage in the form of a tapestry bag, purses and needlepoint ad bag/purse. Why People Love them? Wearing a carpet bag is not something that will go unnoticed. You keep getting admiring comments. Some carpet bags have the sky short pile and the handles and straps made of leather. Nowadays you can find the bags made using a combination of machine and hand stitching and lined with vintage style fabric and two internal pockets, a hard base which is protected by brass studs on the bottom of the bag. Modern examples of the Carpet Bag include the Jerry Terrence: The Original Carpet Bag.








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