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By | October 30, 2018

Disney World Vacation

My Opinion of Disney World Vacation And Savings Travel Guide

Product name: Disney World Vacation And Savings Travel Guide

Author: Beth Haworth

Website: Clickbank


Hopefully, my review of Disney World Vacation And Savings Travel Guide will help you to decide if Disney is going to be your next trip destination. The guide author is an ex-Disney employee who writes about Disney inside secrets. The guide is in the form of an eBook with best tips. It uses real-life examples to show you don’t have to be rich in order to enjoy a family vacation to Disney World.

eBook Regular Updates  

This e-Book is updated on a regular basis. So, you don’t have to worry about if it gets out-of-date. All customers will receive lifetime access to the e-Book updates, even if it’s months or years after your initial purchase. You will always have the latest version of Disney World Vacation And Savings Travel Guide. 

Imagine yourself having this life scenario 

Imagine yourself planning a family trip to Disney World. And you have managed to get the most suitable luggage for your trip. You have a middle-class income and travelling together with your two children. Imagine what the costs you will incur will be like.


  • You plan to book a flight to Disney World and to stay at a luxury 5-Star Disney World resort. 
  • And you include on your travel itinerary attending shows, events and eating at a decent restaurant. 
  • You and your family plan to spend quite some time at Disney World and to return home on the same flight. 

Do you know how much other families have spent on similar trips?

Some families of the same size as yours have spent $5,500 for their Disney World vacation. While others spent $2,700.

This is what the guide will reveal to you:

  • “See How Easily You Can Have A Disney World Vacation For A Fraction Of What Others Pay”
  • You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Have An Extravagant Disney World Vacation.

What the Guide is About?

If you are like most travellers, naturally you would probably insist on getting the most you can possibly have for the best tips, tricks and savings available for a Disney Vacation.

If you follow the advice closely, this can literally save you hundreds – if not thousands of dollars.

Hundreds of families are needlessly throwing their money away because they don’t know any better way. If only they knew what is in the Guide!

And that’s where “Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide” e-Book comes in.

The guide explains everything the author has learned and discovered in making a Disney Vacation an affordable and magical experience.

You can have a Disney World vacation every bit as enjoyable and rewarding as the family who spends 2, 3, or even 4 times as much money! 

Example of 1 family who went on a recent trip

Disney 4-Star Resort: Retail cost $1,941 for 5 days.

Family costs: $890.

That’s a savings of $1,051 –Follow the 9 easy steps in by Disney Savings Guide, and you can do it too.

Why not pay for your trip in advance, rather than making credit card payments for months afterwards?

Every tip, every suggestion and every strategy you’ll find in the book is for real. The author has done it all firsthand. Both as an actual Disney Cast Member – and now as a Mom with three kids going on Disney vacations.

How Exactly Will “The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide” is going to save you a bundle of cash. 

(1) Only customers who purchase the guide will have an exclusive ticket discount code that enables them to obtain the lowest cost online for 5, 7 and 10-day park hopper tickets. This will save up to $200. Imagine, this is just on Disney ticket costs alone.


      No Worries About Baggage Service

(2) The guide will fill you with inside tips for getting to Disney World, staying at Disney World, dining at Disney World, and more. 


Including information on how to shop around for the best buys, best offers such as a free “Magical Express” shuttle and baggage service. No more waiting for your bags at the airport! Your luggage is delivered directly to your hotel.


All the relevant information you need is there in the guidebook: information about airlines, about accommodation, dining out, restaurant reservations and planning on a character dining experience.


There’s so much to see, so much to do and experience such you can almost spend a month there.

Read what people are saying! Below are comments from people who have recently purchased by Disney Savings Guide:


Everything was very well organized and professional. “
—Janice Harter

I downloaded your book yesterday and was up until midnight reading it. I was sceptical about ordering an e-book, but this very much met my expectations.
I also was impressed with the worksheets you included.  Everything was very well organized and professional.
“I am already dreaming of returning and check out your book for updates often.”
Kim, Wisconsin
I really enjoyed your book The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide.  It really was a huge help on a recent trip to Disney.  Thanks so much.
I am already dreaming of returning and check out your book for updates often.
Thanks for all the great advice. Your book is a keeper!.”
—Dan Kubanet
I purchased your book yesterday – was somewhat hesitant that after more than 20 trips to WDW anyone could teach this old dog new money-saving tricks. But the low price of the book and your money back guarantee convinced me it was worth a trial.
Using your advice I have already saved hundreds of dollars on the trip.  Saved over $100.00 on my theme park tickets.  And spending some time researching rental car deals as you suggested I found a rate almost $300 cheaper than anything previously quoted. Thanks for all the great advice. Your book is a keeper!


Personally, I would try the Disney world vacation worthy trying. The reason is I trust the author. The author, Beth Haworth, is a Former Disney Cast Member and is Best Selling Travel Writer. She must have firsthand experience of what’s it really likes to be one of the people responsible for making the magic happen? These thousands of cast members come to learn a number of secrets about the park that the rest of us tourists might miss. You see – I’m not only a best selling travel author – I was also a Disney Cast Member. And let me tell you – those were some of the best times of my life. I learned a lot – but I also kept my eyes open.


This guide is an ebook and can be a disappointment to someone expecting a paperback version.

Unlimited Money-Back Guarantee 
Try “The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide” Risk-Free: Buy by Guide today and read all the Disney tips and tricks to offer. If you don’t agree that the Guide will save you hundreds of dollars and make your Disney vacation truly magical, just write to the author and you will be issued an immediate and full refund.

I recommend this guide because of the following reasons:

  • Your trip will be very expensive unless you know the secret to savings.
  • The travel writer’s guide enables you to make big savings for your Disney vacation.
  • You will arrive in Orlando and may choose to stay at the Disney hotel. The guide is handy, you get all the secrets like how to save money at Disney by not buying at the gate and but from an authorized seller instead.
  • You have guaranteed unlimited pay-back, so you have nothing to lose.



Money Back Guarantee!

Please leave any questions you may have related to the Disney World Vacation And Savings Travel Guide below. I will be more than happy to respond.

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