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By | December 5, 2017

EverythiDoctors Travel Bagsng You Want To Know About Doctors Travel Bags


Among the broad and varied range of Travel Bags that we can buy on the world market is the Doctors Travel Bag.

What Doctors Travel Bags?

A doctors bag, also known as a medical bag or a physicians bag, is a portable bag which a doctor or a physician uses for carrying medical supplies or medical equipment around as he goes on hospital visits, GP visits and visiting patients in their homes.

Earlier on, in my posts entitled, The History of Travel Luggage, I talked about the History of Travel Luggage. I looked in great detail how suitcases, for example, have evolved over the years since the time they were invented.

The same thing can be equally said about the doctor’s bag. The doctor’s bag has its own history which comes a long way. As a result, we see today a complete transformation in the Doctors Bag. It no longer looks old-fashioned as it used to be ages ago. The new type of doctors bag has evolved into a modern and trendy looking bag.

Doctors Travel Bags in Early 1900

Looking back at the early 1900 period, physicians used to make a lot of house calls. By then, a doctors emergency bag was indispensable equipment. The doctor had to take everything with him in his emergency bag. Therefore, for the bag to serve its useful purpose, it had to have certain qualities. The doctor’s bag had to be large, well-structured and had to have plenty of internal compartments.

The bag had to be hard wearing and suitable for use in horse-drawn wagons driven on bumpy roads with rough terrains. Such a bag had to be strong enough to withstand all the jolts along the rough rides without breaking its contents especially the bottles and vials that were inside.

The commonly used traditional doctor’s bag in those days was a duffel-shaped leather satchel. This bag was good especially for carrying small medical necessities during hours of a house call.

The traditional doctor’s bag was a travel bag of the Victoria era constructed from a sturdy frame, stiff leather and handsome brass fittings. The doctor’s bag unlocked at the top to reveal two deep compartments on either side of straps for holding syringes and medicines, as well as having enough space for notebooks, papers and items for more cumbersome equipment.

It was quite expensive to buy. On today’s market, it was equivalent to approximately $650.00 of today’s money.

Doctors Travel bag - Buffalo Leather Bag

There wasn’t much change in the period soon after 1911 because doctors were still giving care to patients in their homes. So, the physician still required to carry instruments to the patient in the physicians black bag, invented during that time.

Advancements in the general practice obviously have reflected on the changes we see today in the doctor’s bag. Hence, today’s doctor is using not only a modern doctor bag but also classic and stylish bags. 

The new type of bag has the capacity to carry over 200 items that are generally kept inside the bag. Some outlets like Amazon are selling doctors medical bags made from durable twill. These bags come with removable compartments. 

The bag material, twill nylon, make them washable and waterproof. For added comfort, the bag has a clipboard, shoulder strap, handle and backpack straps.

Doctors Travel Bag In Modern Day

Among the varied doctor bag designs, we come across in the modern era, we also have medical bags that are designed for other related medical professionals including doctors, nurses, healthcare, midwives, physiotherapists and veterinarians.

Doctors Bag For Men

A Leather Doctors Bag for men has a hinged frame which opens rigidly allowing the top of the bag to stay open. Let me give you a tip for buying a good quality doctor bag for men. You need to look out for a bag that is durable and which is also functional.

Doctors no longer carry as many medicines as they used to in the old days. So, modern bags are manufactured with a more flexible approach to accommodate accessories.

Most Doctors’ Bags come in leather and one important thing you should do before you dash out to buy your bag is to ask yourself, ‘What sort of things am I going to be carrying in this bag every day? If the bag ticks all the boxes in answering that question, then you can gladly go ahead and buy one.

In other words, the purpose of your bag will largely determine the choice you will make in selecting the right style and right size of your bag.

The Donnini Large Leather Doctors Bag is more convenient to have. It is comprised of two compartments, as well as a lockable fastening for security. The base of this bag is ideal for storing a stethoscope or medications, keeping the two separate from the main compartment which is suitable for carrying diaries, medical books and everyday essentials.

Should you require classic doctor leather bags suitable for the medical profession, look out for the Maxwell Scott Bag. It provides many smart yet stylish leather business briefcases, satchels and laptop bags.

Also, available on the market are several styles of leather doctors bags, as well as may assorted styles of satchels and leather briefcases.

Guide to Buying a Good Doctors Bag

The first thing you should consider is the contents of your bag. Do you need to carry medication, equipment, tools or papers, or maybe a combination of items?

Doctors Bag For Women

The women’s bags are a collection of a fine assortment of bags ranging from leather doctors bags. They are well suited for the safe transportation of items such as stethoscopes, bandages and medical equipment.

The Doctors Bag for women stands out because of its elegant and classic design with modern finesse. The bags are made in such a way that all your items can be organized with the help of a well-thought-through internal system.

Some Doctors Bags for women are tailor-made to carry a laptop, documents, camera and even a lunch box in one convenient place. Including wide space inside that allows doctors to store everything they need for a day at work.

They also come with stable handles for easy carrying. Most female bags are trendy in style to complement every outfit they may choose to wear.

The doctor bags for women made from the fine leather quality that comes with spacious designs are particularly good. The special leather quality and distinctive design make the bags outstanding. One of the reasons why leather is preferred is because it offers the first-class comfort.

Global Medical Device Bags

Global Medical Device Bags Market Research Report (2017), offers an overview of the Medical Device Bags market trends.  According to this report, Karl Bollmann (Germany), Medical Devices Group (Italy) and Shell-Case (Israel), are among the top manufacturers for this Medical Device Bags.

Just to throw some light on the Global Medical Device bags, it’s a global medical packaging market which includes bags and pouches segment and its market value is on increase. So, it’s one area to watch out in terms of the Doctors Bag.

In conclusion, the major difference between the traditional doctor’s bag and the modernly designed bag is the flexibility the bags come with nowadays. The modern bag has been adapted such that it can be used by other professionals in the medical field apart from doctors and physicians.

Modern bags are more styling and come with more compartments. Some of them are even waterproof and washable.

I am not an expert on the manufacturing side of travel bags. My aim is to research and then highlight areas that can be of interests to all who use luggage, be it doctors, holidaymakers or business people.

If you have any questions related to, ‘Doctors Travel Bags’ please leave them below. I will be more than happy to answer as soon as possible. Also, feel free to share your own knowledge and ideas. Cheers!


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14 thoughts on “Doctors Travel Bags

  1. Charles

    Thank you for this!!! It was an enjoyable read. As a medical student who has seen some of my teachers carrying around these bags – it has helped me understand their role and importance. Hopefully, I will invest in one when I qualify!

    1. Femia Post author

      Thank you very much, Munya, for sparing your time to leave some invaluable comments. I appreciate. I am glad to hear that my article has helped you understand why your teachers at school carry these bags around.
      Getting a bag of your own won’t be much of a problem. You may get it as a congratulatory gift on completing your studies. All the best. Once again, many thanks for stopping by.

  2. Shimeon

    The excellent article, I didn’t even know there was a purpose for this. Thanks for going over the bags doctors used in the 1900s. Great to see how they have progressed to match today’s world.

    1. Femia Post author

      Thank you so much, Shimeon, for taking time out of your busy schedule to drop me a comment. It is amazing how the history of the Doctors Bag has been unfolding to take us to where we are now. Nowadays, we have the classy doctors bag with a vintage look.

  3. JR Andrade

    Hi Femia, thank you for this review. I love different styles of bags for my daily work purposes and this Doctors Bag has caused me to be interested in this kind of style. Thank you for guiding us on its brief history as it gave me a perspective of its importance. After reading this, it really piqued my interest and will definitely consider this as one of my bags is about to retire already… hehehe =) Thanks again Femia =)

    1. Femia Post author

      Hello, thank you very much for finding time to drop me some comments. If you are planning to buy your bag soon please look out for the Leather Doctor bag briefcase with large compartments. Its stylish and charming with a vintage look.

  4. Jo

    Oh, my thank you. I am so much in love with the old vintage bags and this one is absolutely no exception. It is beautiful and I would love to be the owner of one of these for my sewing stash.

    Cheers Jo

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi, Jo, thank you very much for stopping by and taking time out of your busy schedule to leave a comment. I appreciate.

      The old vintage doctors bag is one of my favorites. I also love the Modern Vintage Doctors Bag. Its a high quality bag in genuine leather. A smart bag for a Christmas present. Its a flexible type of bag you can get as a unisex bag, in all sizes, an everyday bag that comes with an organiser.

  5. Bobby

    How fun is this site? Cool.
    I am a paramedic and I carry a medical bag on our ambulance. Doesn’t look anything like the ones you have here but does the same thing. How neat is it to see up close one of these bags. I remember seeing them on Little House on the Prairie. Thanks for the great information.

    1. Femia

      Hello, Bobby, thank you so much for sparing your time to read my post and leave a comment. I agree with you,  the picture I have used doesn’t resemble today’s modern Doctors bag which has progressed to become trendy. I like what you mentioned that the modern bag does the same thing. 

  6. Daniella

    Hi Femia,

    Great article!

    My husband is a Doctor, and he loves bags. Soon we are going to celebrate his birthday, and this bag would be a great gift. I was looking for a link to redirect me to this bag so I could buy it but I didn’t find any. Are you going to promote them soon? I really like it!

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Femia

      Hello, Daniella, thank you so much for taking your time to leave some comments.
      Getting your husband a Doctor’s Bag for his birthday present is such a brilliant idea.
      Amazon is the best shop to try first. It has a wide selection of Doctors Bags to choose from.
      I recommend the Leather Doctor Vintage Bag. The leather material has an excellent texture and available in Brown and Black colours.
      In terms of price, its going for £257.00. However, there are plenty of Doctors Bags in-store to choose from.

  7. Cathy

    I am a vet, but never really consider getting a doctor’s bag as I am quite happy with the bag pack that has accompanied me since college. Yeah, I know it’s old but it’s still durable.

    Except that recently, I was in an outing where we need to bring some equipment along, did I realized that I don’t have the space in my bag for these items.

    What brand would you recommend for this type of purpose? Thanks.

    1. Femia

      Thank you so much for taking your time to leave useful comments for my Doctors Bags post.
      Considering you are a vet, I think the Pet Backpack Outing Bag will do a good job. It is a beautiful and convenient bag for an outing where you can carry your equipment.
      The backpack comes with perfect features that makes it suitable for carrying items around. It is durable, strong and breathable. I am sure it will last long because this type of backpack is not easy to damage.
      In case you may want to put some heavy stuff inside the backpack, the good thing is it has an ergonomic strap that reduces the pressure on the back.
      Also, this backpack comes in different sizes. So, you can choose the size suitable for your needs. The sizes range from small to large. Also, the backpack comes with a mesh bag on the side for placing small items with you.
      Another bag to look out for, to carry your pet around is the Pet Dog Carrier Chihuahua Tote Fabric Crate with Mat and Food Bag Vet Handbag (43*29*26 cm).
      I have a feeling it is a good brand judging from the comments left behind by customers who bought. Also, basing on the fact that it has received the highest ratings from customers, which, to me, is a sign this bag must be a good type of bag.
      More so, its quite hand for carrying a pet around because of certain features it has: a wire frame which gives it a stable structure; top and side opening doors to let the pet in; a mesh window around for good view and allow air flow; one side pocket for storage and an interior collar clip to keep the pet safe. The bag has enough space for your pet to live in and move around.
      All the 2 bags I have mentioned are available from Amazon.


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