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By | November 3, 2018

Is A Gate Check Bag Worthy It?

Name: JL Childress Gate Check Bag for Standard and Double Strollers (Red)
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I HOPE my Gate Check Bag Review is informative enough to help travellers get well-prepared for their journeys. I know its 
tricky sometimes when it comes to buying the right bag because there is quite a broad range of gate check bags.

The dimensions for the Gate Check Bag in the picture are 114.3 x 39.4 x 30.5 cm. The minimum weight recommendation is 454 grams. 


What are Gate Check bags?

Gate Check Bags are travel bags designed for the transportation and storage of car seats and strollers or pushchairs. 


Universal stroller and car seats travel bags

These are lightweight and economical travel bags designed to fit most strollers and car seats. The bulk of is made 
of light and waterproof materials. One thing I absolutely love about them is they are so practical to use. And they can be carried with no hassles at all to the gate in a normal carry-on bag. 

4 Categories of Universal Stroller Bags 

(1) Car Seat Travel Bag’s purpose is to keep any car seats safe, secure, and free from dirt.

(2) Single Stroller Travel Bag is made in such a way to fit most umbrella-style strollers.

(3) Double Stroller Travel Bag, their work is to offer protection for most jogging strollers, double strollers, and travel systems.

(4 ) Custom made Travel Bag, provides protection for bags with unusual sizes or not in the normal range so called – made to measure bags. the custom type is designed in a way to fit a particular stroller or car seat model. 

Gate Check Bag Material  

Gate Check bags are made of different materials, depending on the manufacturer. Some are padded explaining why they are heavier and harder to carry. Custom travel check bags are also more expensive than universal travel bags.

What Are Gate Check Bags Used For?

Gate Check Bags are used for airline travel. If you are flying with your baby and you are bringing your stroller, you will need to gate check it.

Gate check bags also provide protection from dust when in storage for occasional users. When used for airline travel the strollers and car seats are placed in gate check bags at the departure gate before boarding.

The bags play an important role in protecting strollers and car seats. A lot of dirt can be found during loading time, cargo base including elements such as rain or snow if left on the tarmac. 


These bags are not just to withstand the rigours of baggage handling but they also keep the contents clean and dry.’

Can I Checkin A Stroller Without Gate Check Bags?

Although strollers and car seats can be checked without a bag, Gate Check bags were introduced because companies do not want to assume any liability for damage. To avoid damages, it was To ensure that strollers or car seats are returned at the gate upon arrival, passengers have to make sure that the gate check tag is visibly displayed on the bag. 


Gate check bags for strollers and car seats are usually made of strong and light fabric, such as ballistic nylon that is waterproof and offers protection from the weather on the tarmac. 

Who Is It For? 

This type of bag is targeted at unisex gender. For anyone travels, who can be a mother with a baby stroller or a traveller.


Travel Check Bags are a practical way of transporting items on a flight helping keep the contents safe on their journey. Most parents who have bought the bags find it a good product.


Most customers use the bag in the picture for their prams and base. The pram fits perfectly and also leaves room for nappies to fit in the pram.


You would think the bag is a bit thin at first, but after using it several times now you are able to see that it’s worth getting it.


The bag is easy to spot on the luggage belt because of its shouting colour. Some commented that the bag was left with a few black marks on it after two flights which proves how much it has protected our equipment!


A few customers were a little disappointed. Especially those who would have wanted to put two buggies in it. The bag does not fit double buggies.


Its dimensions seem to give the impression it would fit in but it does not fit the Jolie double buggies.


Unfortunately, the bag gets ripped where plastic parts of the pram are, assuming from dragging the pram by the airport workers.


Final Verdict

Gate Check Bags are worth it. They are good value for money and play a big role to protect our luggage is transported in a safe way. The only problem is when a thinner fabric is used for their manufacture. Thicker fabric is more useful because as long as the pram is dragged on the ground, friction is due to spoiling the fabric.


If you have any questions related to my gate check bag review, please leave them below. I will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible.


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