How Clean Is Your Designer Handbag?

By | February 13, 2019

Where You Leave Your Designer Handbag Matters.

Knowing How Clean Your Designer Handbag Makes The Difference

Bags are like people, they also get worn out and grow old. I’m sure most of us remember what made us choose our designer handbags. It must have been the handbag’s looks. Little did we know the handbags’ beautiful looks would gradually fade.

Handbags Are Like Human Beings – They Grow Old  🙂 

Our handbags get worn out through constant use. The more exposure to stains and scuffs they get, the more ruined their looks become. I have some tips for cleaning your handbag, I will leave with you.

How Can I Make My Handbag Remain Looking  Fresh?

No matter how well you look after your leather designer handbag, there is one thing you can’t do. You can’t stop it from ageing. What makes the difference, though, is a bag that is given care will look as beautiful as a new handbag.

Looking at leather handbags, their ageing process will add character and most people will fall in love with such an ageing effect.

Cleaning Your Designer Handbag  Made Easy with My 8 Tips. 

You may have been desperately looking for advice, here are some tips for cleaning your Handbag. Applying all these tips will bring your handbag back to life.

Why Clean My Designer Handbag?

Dye Transfer, Ink Stains, UV damage, Dirt built-up and bacteria are the main culprits. Dye Transfer building up on your handbag’s surface ruins your designer handbag’s once beautiful appearance. You need to find specialist cleaning treatment to reduce the marks and stains.

There are many handbag care products to choose from including water based products you can get from shops to help you prevent problems listed above from occurring. This is for all types of products designed for leather and even fabrics. 

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This article reveals that cleaning your handbag is not just focusing on exterior cleanliness. Once you do that you miss the point. You also need to focus on cleaning the inside part of your handbag.

Before you clean the interior of your bag, first empty all pockets and shake it gently to remove dust and debris. Wipe out the interior with a clean and soft cloth. Gently clean the interior part of your handbag with a fabric brush which comes with your vacuum.

Make Use Of The Product Guidelines

Did you know that most handbag manufactures write some guidelines to help their customers keep their products clean after purchase?

Please note, not all bags come with such guidelines.  I will give you a few examples of manufacturers who are smart enough to help their customers to look after their handbags.

Owen Barry Ltd manufactures the Owen Barry Handbag and has come up with hints and tips for cleaning its product, the Suede Handbag.

Owen Barry Ltd welcomes customers who are facing problems with their handbags to come forward, including those who prefer to bring their bags for cleaning in the workshop.

Let’s Hear The Tips From The Manufacturer 
Cleaning Your Suede Designer Handbag

(1) Get rid of everyday grubbiness by brushing your Suede Bag with a dry scouring pad.

(2) To remove grease which can be stubborn, you must quickly apply a blotting or a certain type of powder such as French chalk.

(3) To remove mud and similar stains, allow it to dry first. Then use a scourer to remove it.

      Suede Designer Handbag


Birmingham Company, manufacturers Birmingham Bags and shares expert knowledge to reduce the grime level to give your Handbag a fresh look. All you need to do is to follow these cleaning and care tips:

(1) You need to remove all the loose Superflex and base foam. Then, place your bag on a draining board.

(2) Wash your bag with warm soapy water, using a nail brush to remove dirt on stubborn areas.

(3) Wash all soap away with clear water and allow your handbag to dry naturally, for example, in an airing cupboard with less heat. Heat might affect the waterproofing.

(4) When the bag is dry, carefully apply leather dressing to the leather areas. 

How to Clean Your Leather Bag

(1) Even leather products age with time, so they too need attention and constant pampering by moisturizing them.

(2) To moisturize your leather bag, it’s advisable to use a leather care product on a regular basis which will replace oils that come off with ageing. Also, will keep the leather supple.

(3) If you buy a Nappa Leather Bag, a type of leather that feels very soft to touch, the ideal product to use is a water-based spray for protecting it from all sorts of things.

(4) Look for one product which does two jobs at once. A product which protects and dehydrates.

(5) Its recommended that you use a product that is specifically designed to care for your type of leather bag. Certainly, you can find products that have been recommended for protecting and cleaning your handbag.

(6) To maintain your leather bag, use a leather conditioner and protector which nourishes and protects. Protects in the sense that it creates a barrier that effectively repels liquids, dirt and stains.

(7) Clean the exterior of your leather bag with alcohol-free baby wipes.

(8) There is a range of Leather Care products created by handbag experts, with years of experience, working with leather.


(1) Don’t put your handbag into a washing machine because the detergent will ruin the leather.

(2) Some products will alter the look or feel of your leather handbag. Don’t use any product anyhow without cross-checking if it’s the right one.

(3) You should never use a product that contains Lanolin and please take caution when using baby wipes to clean your Handbag as they often contain it.

(4) To avoid Scratches to your bag, keep it away from sharp or metallic objects and be mindful of where you place it. Some places, like toilet floors, are infested with bacteria.

(5) Some people have applied polish to their handbags, with disastrous consequences. Usually, it changes the colour of your leather.

(6) For a handbag that needs a more thorough cleaning, you are better off leaving it in the hands of a professional who will use a specialist cleaning.

Hopefully, this post will give you the necessary hints and tips that you need for cleaning and maintaining your handbag so that it remains looking as good as new.

Keeping your handbag clean, is not just about focusing on cleaning the exterior part of your bag. It includes the interior as well including the surroundings, like the floor where you place your bag.

If you have any questions related to, How Clean Is Your Designer Handbag? please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to respond as soon as possible. 







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