How To Choose Travel Bag Leather

By | September 26, 2018

7 Things To Consider Before You Choose A Leather Travel Bag

Your travel mode puts you in the picture to know the type of luggage or travel bag to choose. Travel by its nature involves carrying luggage. Sometimes heavy luggage which you have to drag or pull at the station, airport and check-in points. To avoid unnecessary fatigue that comes with bringing inappropriate travel bags, this post will bring you lasting solutions.

My hints and tips on the 7 things you need to bear in mind before you choose a leather travel bag.

1. Buy a travel bag made of genuine leather material.

What happens if you buy a bag made of a fake material – bonded leather? At some point, you shall see the leather beginning to show some cracks and the stitches getting undone. Also, the bag’s hardware becomes rusty.

Having knowledge of the type of leather to look out for will help you avoid buying a bonded leather bag. Did you know that bags that are of full grain leather are the right choice? The reason is they are top quality. Quality leather bags improve with age. They will still look fantastic even after a decade of usage. With ageing, your bag will develop a patina look.

A bonded leather bag is one made from the material of scrap pieces of leather. Its a product borne out of reworking the leather with chemicals and plastics. Although the bag may look like authentic leather material at first, it will not age well. The other sign is it will not have the distinct smell of leather.

2. Genuine leather bags go through 2 processes of tanning.

The first process is known as the Chrome process. In this process, bags are quick to manufacture and can be made in a couple of days. In that short period, chrome gets mixed with harsh chemicals. Chrome tanned products are usually very cheap.

Whereas, in the vegetable tanned bag process the leather bag takes several weeks to manufacture. Firstly, cowhides are rehydrated. This is followed by the cutting of each hide into pieces. The cuttings of each hide are put into large vats with natural tanning and left to soak for several weeks.

Vegetable tanned products take longer to manufacture and as a result, the final product is thicker and stiffer. They have superior quality compared to the bonded bags. They have excellent qualities of durability, holding ability, excellent patina and classic leather smell.

3. Durability and Hardwork

Best bags are the ones made of durable leather with precise stitchings. They can hold a certain weight and can be moved around without being weakened. Also, there is something you need to pay attention to stitching. In good quality leather bags, the stitchings are straight, barely noticeable and are without any loose threads. Check out for this consistency in the inner and outer surfaces.

The handle should be attached to the body through reinforced stitching or metal fixtures. Make sure they are not glued to the bag or are they at risk of getting loose or coming off.

4. Inspect Hardware Quality

Inspect the quality of all little parts and paying close attention to buckles; handles; locks; metallic rings; shoulder strap fittings. Note that metal zippers are of better quality than plastic zippers. These are usually referred to as accessories including the lining fabric and zipper.

The hardware materials used for the leather bag affect its durability and appearance. If you are buying in store, check that the material is of good quality. Turn the bag and study the details. If you are purchasing a bag online, zoom in the product picture to observe the quality of the fittings. Zoom in on the photos so that you can check out the individual parts. Request for pictures that show the bag with its zipper closures. Ask the seller to bring their product to life to improve your confidence by adding up to 12 pictures for free.

5. Colour Matters

In terms of choosing the perfect colour for your leather bag, there colours to look out for and each colour bears a meaning.

Black and Dark Brown colours are suited for professional events. They project a sense of authority and power.

Tan and Lighter Brown colours are more suitable for casual or relaxed working environments.

The black colour is most ideal for formal occasions. If I were you, I wouldn’t go for leather bags with more than two different colours or with stitches with contrasting colours because are seen as flamboyant.

6. Statement

Did you know you make a statement through the travel bag you carry? Having that in mind, choose a bag that fits the statement you want to make.

A briefcase will be appropriate for professionals who transport documents or a laptop to and from the office. It goes hand in hand with wearing a suit to a work meeting.

An attache case, which is a small luxurious case, is used for carrying a few documents without the need for a full sized suitcase.

A Messenger Bag is less formal and it’s more versatile than a briefcase. It’s meant to be carried over the shoulder or cross body. It works great a casual working environment or when travelling for holiday.

7. Price

There are people out there with the assumption that a higher priced leather bag is an indication of its good quality. BUT  its not always the case. Some brands charge more for less quality simply because of the name.

In conclusion, no matter what brand or style of bag you choose, the material of the bag comes first. Having knowledge of the type of leather material to choose will make you survive the schemings of salespersons who make false recommendations. They will tell you their products are of authentic leather. Do not be enticed by their cheap prices. You have to invest a little more for good quality.

Feel free to leave questions you may have. I will be pleased to respond as soon as I can.

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2 thoughts on “How To Choose Travel Bag Leather

  1. Emma

    Thank you very much for these awesome tips on choosing a genuine leather travel bag.
    I didn’t know the bags smell can differentiate between fake and genuine leather material.
    I would prefer genuine leather because it gets good looking with age and gains a lustre shine.
    I have bookmarked this post for future use

    1. Femia

      Thank you very much for sparing time to read this blog post and leave invaluable feedback.
      I am pleased to hear you found the information I shared helpful.
      The purpose of this site is to help the traveller with information to help them have stress=free trips.
      Genuine leather material appreciates its value with more years it has been in use.
      Buying a leather item is a good value for money.


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