How to Keep Luggage Cockroach Free

Is it possible to keep your luggage completely cockroach-free?

In this article I will reveal the  secret how you can make your luggage cockroach-free. I have learned that this what most travellers struggle with.

No one wants to have these unwelcome guests mingling with our personal belongings. Let alone becoming permanent residents of your beloved home.

The million dollar question is how on earth did they manage to sneak into your lovely suitcase unnoticed? The Secret is Revealed!

Are Cockroaches Insects?

Cockroaches belong to a group of insects called pests since they can spread diseases. They have a reputation for being very adaptable and highly successful in their effort to sneak into people’s homes unnoticed. 

I personally feel the only way you can effectively control cockroaches and stop them from gaining entry into your best travel luggage is by studying them first. After you have studied them, you will know how they live and survive. Once you have the knowledge, you are in a better-placed position to make some informed decisions. And as a result, you will be able to take some definite measures to stop them in their tracks.

Cockroach Habits

Cockroaches or roaches sleep and rest during the day and come out mainly at night. Most of them, if not all, prefer to live where it is warm and moist, or where they can at least get water. Whenever an opportunity is presented to them, roaches don’t waste time. Instead, they quickly seize an opportunity to crawl into your suitcase or your best carry-on travel backpack.

Prevention is better than cure. We have often heard that being repeatedly told. The last thing you should do is to give cockroaches entry into your travel bag. Once they get in it will be very difficult to get rid of them.

Control and Resilience

Did you know that cockroaches are such resilient pests? They can rest in one spot without moving for 18 hours a day and can go a long time without food. The strange thing though is that they eat only at night. Being omnivorous pests, they can devour anything whether plants or animals, including animal faeces. I am sure this makes them disgusting pests.

Getting rid of them is not an easy task because they can withstand water. They have a waxy covering their bodies which keep them from drowning such that they are able to swim and stay underwater for as long as ten minutes.

Surely having a bit of background information about cockroaches will make a difference in equipping you with the best know-how of eliminating them.

Cockroach Control In MY Luggage

Before you store anything in your travel luggage, firstly make sure all items from your bags or suitcases have been completely removed. After that, do some thorough and detailed vacuuming both inside and outside your luggage, to remove all cockroaches.

Apart from your travel luggage, ensure that your room is cleaned thoroughly as well leaving no papers, damp materials and smelly items lying around. Make sure the room is dry and you can do that by placing a running fan. Cockroaches will use those sneaky entrance ways to come into your homes such as cracks in the walls, windows, vents and pipes. Make sure you caulk any damaged seals.

M ake a trap to catch the roaches. A trap is said to be a great alternative to bug spray. It costs less than paying somebody to remove the bugs for you. There are different types of traps you can try. One of the most popularly used ones is a duct tape trap.

With a duct tape trap, you need bait to attract the cockroaches and adhesive tape to keep them there. You can look out for the adhesive-based traps at home-and-garden stores, or ask your local exterminators for advice.

As for your bait, it can be anything with a powerfully sweet or oily smell. If you know something in your house that cockroaches are attracted to or any given food item, then use that item as a bait.

You may try trapping cockroaches inside a jar. This model is safe for children and pets, and it is easier to move than a duct tape strip. All you need is to find an empty jar and clean it. Apply petroleum jelly to the top portion, inside of the jar.

Then put a fruit peel into the bottom of the jar. The roaches will enter the jar looking for the fruit and they will slide on the jelly but will be unable to get out.

Another method of preventing cockroaches is storing your luggage in large, sealed plastic bags or airtight containers. Before and after undertaking a journey, you must unpack all travel items, so that your luggage bags are completely empty. Then vacuum every part of your luggage: inside, outside and in all compartments. 

If you have any questions related to, How to Keep Luggage Cockroach Free, please leave them below. I am more than happy to respond as soon as possible. 

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2 thoughts on “How to Keep Luggage Cockroach Free

  1. Jenny

    Really enjoyed reading your website about cockroaches, I live in the UK and have never come across one before, so lucky that way, don’t think they are as common.
    They do sound like disguising pests.
    You have some great advice of how to get rid and stop cockroaches in luggage. As they do sound really hard to get rid of once in.
    Thanks for the interesting read.

    1. Femia

      Hi, Jenny, I am really pleased that you enjoyed reading this article. The fact that cockroaches are capable of carrying bacteria makes them disgusting pests.


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