How to Overcome the Fear of Flying

By | August 15, 2019
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Overcome The Fear Of Flying!

The fear of flying can ruin your travel experiences if left untreated. Proven programmes are available to fix your flying fears.

International travel can be a nightmare if you are confronted with flying phobia. It’s even worse if your job relies on travelling from one place to place.

Inevitably, such fear will dampen the passion for pursuing your career prospects.

You don’t have to continue suffering from fear of flying. This is going to help you with information so that you know how to solve this. 

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What is the fear of flying?
It is the type of fear of being on a plane or any flying vehicle like a jet.

This kind of fear is not something you can easily ignore or put up with. It’s one of those problems that clings to you for the rest of your life unless you take some drastic measures to nip it in the bud. 

The solution is in facing the problem head-on. This involves making an effort to get help from professionals who have specialist knowledge in dealing with this debilitating fear.

You’re Not Alone

Knowing that you are not alone in this problem gives some form of relief. Researchers have found out that as many as 30 % of people in the world today are afraid of flying.

The good news though is we now have a permanent cure which has been tried and tested. So we can be certain that we can wave goodbye to such an embarrassing condition.

Not many people can pluck out the courage to let the world know that they are apprehensive about flying.

Thanks to advances in medicine and technology. They have certainly taken us to a higher level. Now we have the confidence that we can kick this fear completely out of our lives.

What Causes Fear of Flying?

There has been a lot of debate floating around trying to figure out what causes the fear of flying.

To be honest, there is no specific cause that I can pinpoint since triggers of this kind of fear are said to be many. Opinions differ from individual to individual, depending on the person’s circumstances.

Previous Nasty Flying Experiences 

Some people may have experienced a turbulent flight once in their lifetime that left them distressed and so frightened. 

So each time they hear about flying, those memories of what they think almost happened, are evoked. The idea that the plane nearly crashed is still vivid in their mind.

This takes me down memory lane back to 1980 when I had the most unpleasant trip to Swaziland because all I can remember is that it was a turbulent journey.

And the turbulence must have been caused by the size of the aircraft, which in my own opinion, was too small.

Also, Swaziland’s mountainous landscape must have played a big part in the turbulence. Its a mountainous country and its believed turbulences are created by atmospheric pressure.

The air that circulates in mountainous terrains is said to be the source of such pressure.

Misinformation About the Danger of Flying

I’m sure the misinformation stems from unsubstantiated news stories that are channelled to us through the media.

However, sources of information can vary from books, films, newspapers, magazines, televisions, to people through word of mouth.

A Medical Condition or Panic Disorder

Fear of flying may be a symptom of a medical disorder. It is not easy to tell the root cause unless it’s diagnosed by a medical practitioner.

Without doctors’ assistance, it’s not easy to spell out the type of medical disorder a person may be suffering from.

Fear of Mechanical Failure

Very often we read in newspapers that a plane has crashed soon after take-off due to a mechanical failure.

Despite the rate of aircraft accidents are at a historic low, such information will affect a certain group of people by knocking off their confidence in a big way. 

It doesn’t come as a surprise, to hear at a later stage in their lives, that such people associate flying with a mechanical failure.

Early Trauma in Life

Psychologists believe that children who suffered emotional neglect or children who were physically abused at a tender age end up experiencing chronic stress, which affects the development of the brain. 

So early trauma, also known as fear, sets the stage for later problems to creep in. Problems like the fear of flying.

Removal of Security at a Young Age

The death of parents at a young age removes a child’s security. Without parental care and parental guidance, children feel insecure and vulnerable.

And this becomes a fertile ground for feelings of anxiety to grow, which will become a permanent part of their lives.

Beating Your Fears – Knowing how to overcome your fear of flying

Help for curing your fear of flying phobia is right at your doorstep. Many travel Airways offer ‘to fly with confidence’ programmes.

Some are in the form of workshops and DVDs designed to help people overcome the fear of flying.

The advantage of using DVDs is that you can buy them online and watch them in the comfort of your home, at your convenience. Some workshops are run at certain venues or premises for a specific duration.

For example, a 2-day workshop coupled with practical lessons. The practicals involve going on a flight so that participants put into practice what they would have learned. And most importantly, to break the chain of fear.

Fear of flying help

Flying tomorrow or soon? Get maximum help in the shortest possible time with SOAR Rapid Relief immediately available online.

A phone session with Captain Tom is included to make sure you are fully prepared to fly comfortably and confidently.

How to Order Fear of Flying Programmes

Place an order online to get your DVD ‘Overcome the Fear of Flying’ delivered to your place. SOAR is one of the best DVD providers.

Once you have placed an order, it will be immediately shipped to your address.  Alternatively, you can download the programme to view it on your computer or tablet.

In Chicago, for example, Fear of Flying classes are run over weekends by professional pilots. Virgin Atlantic, in the UK, has been offering the ‘Flying Without Fear’ programme since 1997. 

The British Airways also offers a Flying with Confidence course in different venues around the world run by its pilots, cabin crew and the support of a Clinical Psychologist.

If you have any questions related to How to Overcome the Fear of Flying, please leave them below. I will be more than pleased to respond as soon as I can.


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22 thoughts on “How to Overcome the Fear of Flying

  1. Dhanraj Parekh

    Great advise on fear of travel and i also agree that there has been a lot of misconception about the fear of travel. Although I travel on and off i have never had luggage that is comfortable for me. I have a laptop, i need to carry my wife’s make up , bottle of drink, along with chargers for laptop and phone! everything is a mess in the bag. But your reviews for various bags have been very helpful and have tempt me to buy the leather bags for my future travels!
    Thank you for reviewing the bags. very useful information!

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi, Dhanraj, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I am glad you found the reviews helpful.

  2. Ariel Baradarian

    I think fear of flying, like you said, is one of the hardest phobias to overcome for any person. It’s so intimidating for some, especially since it can involve a person’s life at risk. Sometimes though, it’s something so deep ingrained in a person to the point that it takes years to tackle, especially if it is more chronic in nature. I think your DVD can really help others with this.

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi, Ariel, thank you so much for leaving a comment. I agree with you the DVDs really work judging from customers’ reviews and testimonies on amazon and Soar websites.

  3. Peter

    I am not afraid of flying but I am afraid of falling. Driving on overpasses gives me anxiety. Anyway, this is great because I’m going on a trip at the end of this month and need a good smallish bag for my trip. I also liked that you included the golf bag section because I’m an avid golfer.

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi, Peter, thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad you found some useful information about Golf bags. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Chris

    Hi, Femia, a really interesting read that actually gets into what the fear of flying is and how the relation between early childhood trauma and present day reactions are linked. I have a friend who is fearful of flying and I know there are a lot of traumas from his childhood that he didn’t deal with. I will direct him to this website as you offer some helpful tips and advice on where to go for help. Great stuff.

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi, Chris, I’m so pleased to hear that this article can help someone with a similar problem. Thank you for your time you have taken to leave a comment

  5. SanShar

    It’s interesting, my wife was afraid of flying. If she had to fly to get there, count her out. She would never give a reason as to why she feared flying, she just wouldn’t.

    I always tried to get to fly, saying things like “flying is safer that driving”. Her response would usually be “when a car breaks down it’s already on the ground; when a plane breaks down it has to get to the ground”.

    Long story short; I finally got to fly. She was very nervous. But once we got of the ground, she kind of relaxed a bit and even looked out the window form time-to-time. Now she loves to fly. Go Figure! She has even flown by herself.

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi, SanShar, thank you so much for sharing such an inspirational story with a happy ending.

  6. Craig

    This has been a really useful page for me. I have a family member who refuses to fly and i would love to take them on holiday so maybe i will consider buying the dvd to help them.

    I was not aware of the classes either and this is a great idea. I think everyone has had a fearful experience when flying including myself. I am not scared though but can definitely see how others would be.

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi, Craig, thank you so much for taking your time to leave a comment. I hope a member of your family will find help and be able to fly one day with no fear at all.

  7. BobbyCorno

    While I’m not a sufferer of fear of flying, I’ve been associated with several folks who were, and it can be a real struggle flying with them. One had such issues with control that she was convinced, that if she let go of the armrests, the plane would fall out of the sky. I could never convince her otherwise. We drove everywhere after that. In any case, you’ve suggested a number of approaches here that I’m sure would be helpful to many, including the DVD’s, and personal coaching, followed by practical application. Thanks for an interesting site!

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi, Bobby, that’s kind of you to leave a comment behind. I’m so glad you found the article informative.

  8. Tammy

    I understand that kind of fear. My daughter fears boats, planes and spiders. I do wonder if that was because I worked second shift when she was really little before school age and she fears being left.

    She stayed with her Granny but her Granny had a way of saying I do not know when your mom will be coming to get you. I am not sure why she would do that and I only just found out.

    We can only go on trips in the car. I think I will work on her feeling of being without me so young and get her some DVDs to help with the other fears.
    Thanks for the information and now I know why she has such anxiety at times. I can help with that now.

    1. Femia Post author

      Thank you Tammy. I am really pleased that you have found this article informative. I hope you will find a solution to help out your daughter.

  9. Funkydun C

    My wife and I have done a lot of flying during the past 3 years. I love flying but my wife hates it. She hasn’t watched any DVDs or done any particular program to deal with the fears, but she is a lot better than in the past.
    Her attitude is that you can let the fear overwhelm you and thus stay at home, living a small and uninteresting life or face the fears, breathe through it and live a rich life full of amazing experiences. She has done so well and I am very proud of her.
    Thank you for writing a very important article that will help so many people.

    1. Femia Post author

      Thank you. I am glad to hear that you have found this article helpful.Gaining the ability to be able to fly without fear of panic is so important. It gives a person the freedom to dream of other places that they’d love to visit with a sense of actually making those dreams a reality.

  10. Heather Grace

    My husband used to travel for work internationally quite often. One trip he was in South America and got very, very ill. It was a very traumatic experience for him. He was in the hospital there and even though he spoke the language he was alone and very far from his family. Since then he would have panic attacks before flying. It wasn’t something he could control. Eventually it lead to too much stress and he found a new job with no travel. The funny thing was he only had an attack when he was flying for business. Personal travel he was fine. I think its great you included resources here because it can be crippling!

    1. Femia Post author

      Thank you Heather for sharing this. I too used to be in the same situation. I attended the Flying Without Fear course, which has given me a new sense of freedom, independence and strength.

  11. Shannon

    There are some great tips here on how to overcome a fear of flying. I know someone who is deathly afraid of flying and has barely taken any trips or vacations in her whole life. That is very sad. Had she been able to overcome this a long time ago, she could have seen so many places since her husband travels for business and she could have gone with him to all of the places he’s visited. I myself, have a slight fear of flying, but it’s nothing a Xanax or a couple of drinks can’t cure. 🙂

    1. Femia Post author

      Thank you so much, Shannon, for your feedback. The fear of flying can make someone spent most of their years under confinement. And miss out on flying to the other side of the world – to see fantastic places and experience new things.

      Its really sad to hear that this fear of flying has ruined someone’s life.


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