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By | June 13, 2017

Have You Heard About Lost Travel Lost Travel BagsBags And What Happens To Them?


No one ever expects to reach their destination with one item of their travel luggage missing or with lost travel bags. Almost every traveller, despite coming from diverse backgrounds, report that losing travel bags is not something unusual. In fact, it’s inevitable. Le’ts explore what happens to lost travel bags or our lost garbage.


At some point, as you travel to a resort place, or going on holiday somewhere, something will go wrong causing you to part ways with your beloved luggage. So, the sole purpose of this post is to prepare you for such an eventuality. I am a firm believer of the ‘be- prepared motto.’I am also fully convinced that it pays off in the end if you plan your trip having Plan B in mind, in case Plan A doesn’t work.


It all dependents what stage of your trip you would have reached when all of a sudden you discover that your luggage has gone missing. Losing your Aerolite suitcase on your outbound flight may mean that you are literally left with nothing except the clothes you will be wearing. If that is the case, this will leave you puzzled and wonder ‘What am I going to do next?’


To get a clue, let’s look back at Tracy’s Story. The lessons behind Tracy’s story can certainly give you a guide in the event that you lose your travel luggage.


Just like Tracy did, the first thing that quickly came to her mind was to go to the service desk to launch a complaint. I’m sure every airport has a similar desk for handling inquiries to help out those customers who get stuck after losing their suitcases. So, we need to go and report without delay.


In most cases, the airline staff are able to locate your luggage electronically. If they are not able to do so for some reason, you are better off making arrangements with them so that they will send your travel luggage to you by courier.


If your travel luggage is a suitcase and it’s found later, it’s still the airline’s responsibility to return it to the customer regardless of whether they’ve had compensation or not.


Research from the Association of European Airlines found out that 85 per cent of bags that are reported lost are actually not ‘ lost’ in the real sense of the word since most of them were returned to their owners within 48 hours. Such bags are therefore best described as having been “misdirected” instead of using the term ‘were lost’.


If your bag is misdirected on the way out, the airline is obliged to give you money to buy replacement items or reimburse you for purchases that you make to cover yours lose while you wait for your bag.


In addition, the research revealed that some airlines become evasive and pass responsibility to any other airlines that you may have travelled with or to your insurance company. This was put to a halt by the Montreal Convention established in 1999 but came into force in June 2004.


The convention enforced airlines liability for damage or loss of baggage. Airlines were now responsible for customers’ bags that they had allowed them to check in. Passengers were now having fairer compensations and greater protection.


Since IATA is a trade association for the world’s airlines that represents 260 airlines, it has played a big role in the steering of the industry policy on critical aviation issues. In line with this, IATA introduced the InBag program to prevent mishandled baggage.


The programme promotes a good relationship between the airlines and their customers by ensuring they stay in good touch. IATA monitors the programme to see if airlines are alerting their customers of any timetable changes or flight delays. Also, to see if airlines are informing their customers about what’s being done to solve their problems.


What Happens to Lost Luggage that Never Gets Claimed?

When lost luggage is not claimed, it leaves airports facing storage My lost travel bags-suitcaseproblems. The strain of having to keep loads of unwanted suitcases becomes unbearable. For example, the Daily Mail (2016) reported that by law, UK airports keep lost luggage for a maximum of 90 days. After which they are free to do donate unclaimed suitcases to a local auction house.


In the UK, Greasby‘s is the biggest auction house for lost luggage and auctions off 200 suitcases a month. So, for those who are interested and have the nerves, you can actually find a bargain from a complete stranger’s lost luggage. The funny thing though, is that bidders are forbidden from opening the cases before they buy them.


Most of us have travelled on holidays and business trips. We have come across different experiences and if we share, we can all benefit something.  


If you have any questions about my post, ‘Lost Travel Bags’ please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to respond as soon as I can.






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4 thoughts on “Lost Travel Bags

  1. Laura Leiner

    I’ve always been afraid to check my luggage. I normally just use a carry on to avoid losing my items. Although when I go somewhere for more than a few days, I have to check a bag. This article is great, I had no idea they have to compensate you to get new items while you’re luggage is being found. I’m glad things have changed, I’ve heard many horror stories about lost luggage.

    I am curious as to why it took 5 years for the Montreal Convention to come into effect. Any ideas why that is?

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi, Laura, thanks so much for sparing your time to leave a comment. That’s a good question. I think since the Montreal Convention needed to be adopted by many countries, it took time to get everyone on board. Also, the countries involved had to be notified first before any changes were effected. So, a lot of groundwork had to be done first. 

  2. Cut

    Great post Femia! I personally have never had lost luggage when flying, but everytime I do fly it is always a worry of mine. I always ask myself when I am packing, “How would this effect me if I lost this” If the lost is too big I carry it in my carry on. So that way if the problem does arise I sort of have already coped with it.

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi, there, thanks so much for taking your time to leave a comment. You are one of the lucky ones. The good thing is nowadays you can get some compensation if you lose your luggage. At least it gives travellers peace of mind.


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