Luggage Travel Accessories-A Case Study

Facts Everyone Should Know About Luggage Travel Accessories

What can I say about Luggage Travel Accessories? These are your travelling assistants who help you to carry the extra bits of your luggage. The type of things you avoid putting in the large suitcase because they will get squashed. They are space-saving luggage accessories and quite handy. Luggage Travel accessories cover a broad range from Packing Cubes to Travel Wallets. They are really useful gadgets that make sorting out your luggage a lot easier.


Travel accessories are items used to contribute in a secondary manner to the traveller’s complete set of travel bags including suitcases. A good example is a suitcase belt we use to tie around a suitcase to make it more secure.


Travel Essentials also underlines what couriers often emphasise –  the need for customers to bring travel luggage that meets courier’s requirements in relation to travel bags that meet stipulated sizes and weights.


Whether you are travelling by air, road or sea, the main thing is to be prepared. At least to be 100 per cent certain you have bought along the right type of bag or the most suitable one for your journey.


There is nothing more disappointing than finding out at the last minute, you have bought an unacceptable travel item. The first thing you need to do before you go shopping is to phone your courier. Get the details of your courier’s luggage requirements. For example, information about the recommended weights and sizes.


Air Travel Bags Essentials
A Case Study

Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set, Charcoal, One Size   

Tracy’s Story – Lessons to Learn

Last year in December, I flew to Durban. Before the day of my departure, I did all the necessary preparations.

I looked around a few airlines online to get the cheapest deal for a travel ticket. Luckily enough, I managed to get one at a bargain price.

Coming to my return trip, it was not all roses. The first issue was that my itinerary included stopping over in Ethiopia for 6 hours before connecting my flight to Heathrow Airport.

The worst nightmare of all came the time my baggage arrived on one of the belts in the baggage claim area. At first, I didn’t recognise my suitcase as it swayed through the conveyor belt. I couldn’t believe how dirty it had become.

It was smeared with thick grease and dirt all over. If I had known, I would have chosen an unusual colour, not bright pink of all colours!

On picking up my suitcase, I noticed that it had been damaged. On a closer examination, I discovered I had also lost some valuable items. Instinctively, I rushed to the Customer Relations Department, a counter to report.


From Tracy’s story, she found herself in an unenviable position. She suddenly found out her valuable items had gone missing. On top of her loss, her suitcase had been ripped.


It all goes to show the importance of investing in the best travel essentials. Of cause, they have to be affordable, durable and be the right size bag or suitcase. Obviously, there are a few lessons we all can pick from Tracy’s story.


The Lessons Behind

(1) Buying a good suitcase will pay off in the end.

(2) It’s always advisable to inspect your baggage carefully when it first arrives to determine if there is no damage. In the event
of any damages, you need to report to the airline. In this case,
Tracy was so swift to act. She did exactly that. It saved her
from the hassle of reporting her incident a bit late, which
probably could have cost her more trips back and forth the
airline. And it could have taken her more time to get her
problem resolved.


(3) Consider making a checklist of your suitcase
contents. It assists you in giving evidence for damage
claims. Leave one copy in the suitcase and carry one with


Luggage Travel Accessories 

Women's - Shoulder - Bag

Women’s Shoulder Bag

In addition to the ordinary luggage that we carry like suitcases, you can also take with you some travel accessories to complement. Travel accessories range from travel wallets, ticket holders, passport holders, luggage tags and travel pillows. 


Passport- Holder -Bag

Passport Holder Bag

Passport Holder Bag 

passport Holder is a very useful travel accessory which could save you from additional stress that comes from losing your passport. Going through security, boarding the plane and stowing your bags, are by far the greatest hassles of air travel.

The worst nightmare is losing your passport while you are still in transit. This will cause you unnecessary delay until you get a replacement of your passport. You may also end up parting with more money.


Luggage- Locker

Luggage Locker

You always need to lock your luggage for improved security.


Luggage- Tags

    Luggage Tags

 A sturdy permanent baggage tag is necessary. This is in addition to the tag issued by the airline.





Money -Belt

Money Belt

It’s your best safeguard against pickpockets and you wear it comfortably beneath your clothes. The fact that it’s more secure than a wallet gives peace of mind.


Luggage Straps - Suitcase BeltsLuggage Straps – Suitcase Belts 



Digital Luggage Scales

Using a luggage strap is an ideal way to stop those bulging suitcases from popping open. Besides keeping your suitcase secure, it makes it stand out at baggage reclaim. 



By displaying the weight of your suitcase, even after it has been put down, digital luggage scales go a long way to help you to avoid expensive excess baggage charges. 

<img src="image.png" alt="Travel Document Holder">

Travel Document Holder

It’s a big wallet that carries all your cards, cash, passports and documents in an organised manner.




To purchase the products I have just featured, there are many outlets including Amazon. I hope you found this information helpful. Please feel free to leave a comment and to share your own ideas. Many thanks for stopping by.


My Pick   
 Travel Accessory Set

Bestseller Trolley Suitcase Set

The outstanding thing about this trolley suitcase is it is currently the Bestseller. It has one large compartment with packing compressions straps plus external zipped pockets and a stowaway bag. The stowaway bag can also be used as a day bag and handy features including its handle.


Hopefully, you found this post informative. Please feel free to leave comments and questions below.

10 thoughts on “Luggage Travel Accessories-A Case Study

  1. Craig

    I am sorry to hear about Tracys story of losing her items. You really do need to be so careful with your bag to make sure it is secure at all times, especially when travelling abroad.

    Do you think wrapping the suitcases in a film would help prevent this?

    I love the tags with the do not touch messages on them. I am always weary of other people touching my bag and this is a great funny idea which has a very serious message

    1. Femia

      Hi, Craig, thank you ever so much for leaving a comment. Wrapping the suitcases in a film is such a brilliant idea.

  2. Mei Scarlet

    Wow! A lot of great travel tips, thank you!

    I really like the idea of locking my suitcase. In fact, on of my suitcases comes with a built in lock on the zipper; however, I’m so afraid to use it because I’ve heard stories of people locking their suitcase, and then when it’s returned to them – the lock has been broken, and/or the zipper completely damaged (assuming from security).

    This happened to my sister as well, but like the girl in your story, she acted immediately, and the airline reimbursed her for the worth of the suitcase, so she was able to replace it – but all the hassle – I fear to lock my suitcases. Although, it doesn’t cancel out my fear of having things stolen!

    So I really just don’t know what to do about this? :/

    What do you think on locking your suitcase vs. celowrapping it?

    1. Femia

      Hi, Mei, thank you so much for sharing your views. I too have heard about people who had their locks tampered with and lost their valuable items in the end. The idea of cellowrappings sounds a perfect solution to me. I go for it !

  3. Pam

    this is awesome!! It’s like a one stop shop! For information and merchandise! Here in the states I’ve never had issues with thieving but overseas I can’t even imagine. I mostly travel with a carry on and a BIG Purse but if I had to go overseas for a long period of time this is GREAT advise! Thank you Zegu!

    1. Zegu

      Hi, Pam, thank you so much for sparing a moment to read my article and leave a comment. All the best.

  4. Farhan

    I don’t travel a lot, so I really don’t have much experience when it comes to dealing with suitcases at the airport. Which is why this guide will come in handy when I make my next overseas trip.

    All of the items you mentioned will definitely make my life easier when I’m travelling. It would also be great if you could share with us your recommendations for travel suitcases.

    Great article!

    1. Zegu

      Hi, Farhan, thank you very much for your invaluable feedback. I recommend the Aerolite range of suitcases. This range of suitcases is renowned for being the world’s best suitcases. and for being light too.They are not beyond reach but of good quality. I have covered it in one of my articles entitled Travel Essentials. on my Home Page

  5. Chris

    Hi there, Some really cool bags here. I was wondering if you have any information about the special padlocks that you have to buy to travel to America? These are so US customs are able to open them without breaking them. I need some for an upcoming trip and I don’t know what they are called or where to purchase. Thanks for your help, Kris

    1. Femia

      Hello, Kris, thanks for taking time to leave me some feedback. I’m glad to hear you like the travel bags on my site.
      All the travel accessories such as locks I have featured in my article are available for purchase at Amazon. The best way before you buy do some inquiries to find out the type of padlocks recommended. You can contact your airline or ask Amazon Customer Service if the type of lock you want to use is the right one.
      Hopefully, you have a pleasant trip.


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