RFID Credit Card Protector Wallet Review

RFID- Credit- Card- Protector- Wallet

RFID Credit Card Protector Wallet

Is The RFID Credit Card Protector Wallet Worthy £ 7.99?

In my quest to constantly keep you updated with current information on travel bags, here is my RFID Credit Card Protector Wallet Review. At the time of writing this review, this credit card holder was the bestseller travel luggage accessory at Amazon. 

If you have a lot of credit cards that need to be well kept in good order, don’t look any further, this might be the perfect solution to your problem.


Product Name: YiCoo Slim RFID Credit Card Protector Wallet
My Rating: 9 out of 10

Price: £ 7.99
Cheapest at:  Amazon


The credit card under review is a Stainless Steel Aluminum Metal Holder Case with 6 PVC Slots and blocks identity thieves. It comes in Black and Silver colours.


What makes this Credit Card stand out from other cards which use RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification)? 

Its made from FID Blocking Material which is effective and really works. This aluminium wallet delivers what it promises. It can perfectly block unwanted RFID scanners to keep your cards safe and it’s an accessory best for travel.


It is slimly built and lightweight with measurements: 12mm; 80g weight with 6 card slots. Dimension 9.2cm x 6.2cm x 1.2cm. It has a polished sturdy metal.



I am convinced the inventor of this credit card had one thing on mind, to outsmart the cleverest thieves out there. Thieves nowadays are using advanced equipment to endanger people’s personal information. This RFID wallet is the most functional in the market which stops RFID scanning thieves getting anywhere near your credit cards, smart cards, or driver’s license information.


The credit card holder is easy to carry around because it’s thinly built and smaller than most traditional wallets. It also easily fits into any pockets without causing any awkward bulging we often see in pockets. Since it has blunt corners, I’m am sure it won’t damage your clothes like what other cardholders do. Perfect for people who hate bulky traditional wallets.


Christmas is just around the corner and doesn’t look any further. This card is a perfect gift choice. The price doesn’t break the bank. A  present everyone would want to receive knowing it was purchased with so much thought into it. Nothing beats the idea of protecting your loved ones from identity theft. In Amazon’s words, ‘Give the gift of “Security” in a beautiful box.


The credit card blocks unwanted RFID scanners and keeps your cards safe which is the best thing that ever happened in the travel industry. It’s 6 Card Slots make life easy for you. You simply reach out to all your cards in one place as you push them in and pull them out. It fits various types of cards: ID Card, Credit Card, Driver’s Licenses, Medical Cards, etc. Its a must have item for travel. You will travel with peace of mind knowing all your cards are safe and are kept in 1 place. Its a really a useful and quite handy, nice, compact wallet with plenty of space for cards and some folded cash if you wanted.


It seems a durable travel accessory judging from its quality of aluminium and stainless steel materials it is made from. Also, I love its shiny finish which gives it a stylish robust look, very sturdy for daily use!



It looks like the case is a bit sharp along the edges on the inside. It would have been good if it was available in more colours in addition to Black and Silver. 

  Source: Amazon

To bring you a broad and comprehensive review, I have also read customer reviews left on the Amazon online platform and handpicked a few.

(1) Practical but ugly.

(2)  It’s an awesome replacement for a wallet, barely takes any space in my pocket. The cards don’t slide out and even after months of use I haven’t noticed any issues with it.

(3) It fits great in your pocket and it looks really modern a very good product!

(4) Exactly as advertised.

(5) Just right, nice size looks good.

(6) Awesome, Neat tidy well made. Best card holder I’ve had. Highly recommend it.

(7) If you’ve had ever been surprised with how easy it is to pay using the contactless method then you’ll be equally surprised with how easy it is to scan a card while it’s in your pocket…unless of course it’s protected by an RFID shield.

This case is the perfect size to fit in a pocket even if you’re wearing skinny jeans and is very well made having a certain amount of weight to let you know it’s there. The case can hold up to 6 cards securely and can be removed swiftly when required.

(8) This slim credit card holder is fantastic. I bought the black version and it is very sleek. This can hold up to 6 cards and they will be protected as this has RFID protection to prevent the recent scams.

From the pictures shown here, you can see that it is very compact and is definitely better than carrying a bulky wallet with you. The cards fan out when you open it to make it easier for you to grab the card you desire. The card pockets grip the cards very nicely so no worries should be held about your cards falling out.

(9) Fits all my cards, you can fit more than one in the slots managed to fit 8 cards so far. Also tested while I was in a shop and the card scanner couldn’t read the card while in the case so works well.

(10) More sturdy than my last two. It came in the time promised in a good neat box. I have used it for about a month now and found it to be easy to use and it slips easily into a pocket or handbag. Small and neat with just enough card slots.

(11) This card holder is much slimmer than those I have owned before making it much easier to carry in the pocket. The only downside is that the slots inside are made of a firmish plastic and the cards are a snug fit. How long will it last……..not sure.

(12) The wallet is packaged in a good quality black embossed cardboard box with a lift off lid. I Like the little box, and I prepared to buy another one as a little gift, to one of my friends.

Hopefully, you found this review useful and will put you in the picture of the bestseller Credit Card Holder at the moment. It is an opportune time to grab this as a Christmas gift for your loved one!

10 thoughts on “RFID Credit Card Protector Wallet Review

  1. Matt's Mom

    I like that credit card holder! Especially when travelling. Heck you can fit your cards, id’s, etc….all in there. Plus it’s bright and colorful. What is not to like? Question: Does it close with a magnetic snap or does it click shut? I find that the ones that click shut tend to break a lot faster than the magnetic ones.

    1. Femia

      Thank you for your comment. The one I bought clicks and shuts and so far is working good. Amazon has different brands for different prizes.

  2. Brad

    As a guy I loved the idea of the case and overall design just not the pictures on it. Do they make cases with different designs that may be more appealing to me?

    Also do they make thinner versions. Often times I like to carry around only a couple cards like my debit card, license, insurance, AAA etc. If there was a thinner version that does not need as much room on the inside that would be ideal for me. Do they make those?

  3. Dawn

    I like this type of card holder. The aluminum is also supposed to keep your credit card information safe. I like the designs are so cute, too! Travel bags and travel information is vital in this day and age. Thank you for providing this kind of information! Are there any other colors and designs available? I like the design, but some people might not…

    1. Femia

      Hi, Dawn, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I bought the aluminium one. I absolutely love its colour and its unique look. I get asked a lot about where I bought it from. Yes the card holders come in different designs and colours. If you click on the Credit Card Holder in this article, it will take you where you can have a look at other cards of different type.

  4. Angela

    I love the fact that you can store so many cards in one little case and a very cute case too. One very important part of this for me was the fact that the metal case can protect your cards from identity theft – very useful. This is good for anyone wanting all their cards in one place and it does not take up a lot of space. I really like this credit card holder

    1. Femia

      Hi, Angela, many thanks for taking your time to leave a comment. It is indeed a good accessory. To avoid losing my cards in case my holder gets lost, I only carry a few that I use regularly.

  5. Admire

    I enjoyed reading your review for the RFID Credit Card Protector Wallet.
    I wasn’t aware of the fact that this credit card protector is such a valuable asset. It plays a double role apart from solving my cards storage issues.
    I’m really excited about the whole idea of stopping identity thieves in their tracks. This is definitely a travel accessory to buy. I find the price affordable!
    So, in terms of colours is it only available in Black and Brown, if I got that correct?

    1. Femia

      Hello, thank you for stopping by and leaving some feedback.
      I’m happy that you found this post informative. The RFID Credit Card Wallet is one to have.
      I once bought a credit card holder which didn’t last but judging from people’s reviews, this one is a genuine product which does what it said to do.
      Unfortunately, Silver and Brown are the only colours I am aware that the RFID Credit Card Wallet comes in. Keep checking, you never know you might get the colour of your choice.
      Good Luck!


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