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By | September 9, 2017

Travel Bags News UpdateNew Ryanair baggage rules

In my most recent article, Luggage News – Gossip. I hinted on likely changes in Ryan’s Luggage Policy in relation to cabin and unchecked baggage. By then, it was not confirmed if the policy was bound to change.

In this update, I intend to inform you that this is now official. Ryanair has confirmed that many customers will no longer be able to take two pieces of luggage into the cabin.

Ryanair cabin bag size
BBC’s report Ryanair Cuts Cabin Baggage Limit to Speed up Boarding has confirmed this.

The report states that Ryanair is making these changes with effect from November this year, 2017. This has come about as a solution to ease delays after too many customers took two bags on board.

Ryanair cabin bag fee
The airline will no longer allow customers to bring a second carry-on bag for free. Ryanair has resorted to introducing this policy as a way of solving a long outstanding problem the airline has been experiencing with its passengers.

Some customers had been ‘abusing’ the policy by taking on bags, up to three times the permissible size. As a result, this has been causing flight delays.

Under the new changes, passengers without priority boarding will only be able to take one smaller carry-on bag on board the aircraft. Also, Ryanair is going to lower its checked-bag fees and increase the check-in bag allowance from 15kg to 20kg.

By changing this policy, the airline is hoping to cut delays and save money in the process.

Offering bigger bags at reduced fees will encourage more customers to consider checking-in their bags. This will reduce the high volume of customers Ryanair has with two carry-on bags at the boarding gates.

The change in policy will benefit the airline. Firstly, in solving its outstanding problem coming from passengers who have been misusing the airline’s baggage policy.

Secondly, it will speed up the process of checking-in. Hopefully, this will yield higher returns in terms of profits. Time is money. So, more profit will be generated by minimising delays.

It all depends on what angle this turn around in policy is looked at. Looking at it, from the airline’s point of view, and from the passengers’ may not be necessarily the same.

While this may be a good move for Ryanair, the passengers may not see it that way.

The change may have different or negative impacts on the passengers themselves.

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2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Luggage Policy on Cabin Baggage – BBC Report

  1. Maureen

    I don’t see anything wrong with this new policy on the luggage. I think some people like to carry all their luggage on with them for fear of the airline losing their luggage. If you have ever had this experience it is not pleasant. I actually had an airline leave my dog behind. Did get her back the next day.

    I think Ryanair has offered a good compromise by allowing an increase in the allowance of the check-in baggage and the decrease of fees.

    I don’t know what their policy is about lost luggage but maybe they can improve on that so people will be more trusting to allow the airline to store their luggage on the plane.

    1. Femia Post author

      Thank you so much, Maureen, for taking your time to leave a comment.  It must have been a stressful moment when the airline left your dog behind. I’m glad that you were reunited.

      Ryanair’s policy says that loss or delay of checked baggage must be reported on arrival at the airport. And in addition, a claim submitted to the airline within 21 days from the date on which the baggage was placed at your disposal. 


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