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By | May 1, 2019


Got Stuck? Try These Tips To Streamline Your BEST TRAVEL BAG

This site is here to give a hand to travellers by providing much-needed information on travel bags. My intention is to make travellers have enjoyable trips. This is where ‘Stop Wasting Time And Go For Best Travel Bags’ comes in. Once you know where to get the best travel bags, you will travel with peace of mind.

Putting myself in a traveller’s shoes, I can imagine every traveller is keen to know where to get the best luggage. The type of luggage that is affordable and able to withstand harsh travel conditions.

Top Selling Luggage – Travel Bags

Rockland Luggage and Travel Bags

Are you a style-savvy traveller? If you are, Rockland by Fox Luggage is definitely for you.


What’s on Offer at Rockland Luggage?

Rockland Luggage is renowned for its graphics and colourful designs. Also, for being a passion driven manufacturer set to create products influenced by current trends. So, it’s designs and luggage fashions are really modern.

Rockland luggage is the type of luggage you can’t carry without getting noticed. It will turn heads and make you stand out in a crowd.

The advantage of having this brand as part of your luggage collection is that it makes you have easy and quick exits at the airport.



Samsonite Travel Bags

‘Born To Go’ slogan says a lot about Samsonite travel luggage. Founded in 1910, a period when travel was exclusive to a few people. In the past 100 years, Samsonite has continued to renovate and refine its brand to be associated with high quality and style.

Samsonite uses innovative Suitcases material to make some of the strongest and lightest Samsonite suitcases.

Today it manufactures a wide range of travel luggage

  • Cabin luggage
  • Suitcases of all sizes ranging from Medium, Large to X large sizes
  • Luggage sets
  • Kids Luggage
  • Bags, Backpacks & Handbags.

Pierre Cordin Travel Bags

PierreBuy is an online shop that sells classic trendy bags. Dedicated to providing its customers with the latest fashion at a fair price. PierreBuy’s mission is to be a supplier of products with compelling designs and exceptional value. There is a wide range to choose from phone bags, handbags, sling bags and travel sets to cover all your needs.

If you are looking for fashionable and functional travel bags shop with PierreBuy.

American Tourister Travel Bags

American Tourister is based in the USA. It’s known for manufacturing high-quality luggage without compromising product quality. The company has been operating since 1932 but is now merged with Samsonite operating under the trademark American Tourister.

American Tourister Suitcases – Travel Bags

The American Tourister was the first company to design a suitcase that is built entirely of vinyl and practically invented moulded luggage. The American Tourister luggage that we see today was crafted over a long period.


Nowadays the luggage is characterized by tougher locking systems and extra-comfy padded handles including snazzier designs into their American Tourister suitcases with a splash of colour. This has given the luggage a modern look and trendy look. The American Tourister division has risen to meet the rising demand for lighter luggage. This has also inspired a number of feather-light yet incredibly sturdy designs.

American Tourister Bags

American Tourister luggage is mainly targeted for the younger generation and has remained on demand in this market. They also cater to travellers from all walks of life. The Papilione ranges have been developed especially for women including some a range of business editions of their cabin luggage and rolling totes.

Pierrebuy Travel Bags

PierreBuy is your one-stop online shop where you are assured to get classic and trendy bags. Works closely with suppliers to provide its customers with the latest fashion at a fair price.

PierreBuy’s mission is to provide the very latest products of irresistible designs, exceptional value. PierreBuy offers a select choice of phone bags, handbags, sling bags and travel sets to cover all your needs.


Delsey Travel Bags & Luggage

Delsey, is a French company that manufactures luggage including travel accessories. It is has a turnover of about 130 million euro. In terms of the global luggage market, it’s behind Samsonite. Delsey is renowned for being the bestsellers of travel luggage products. The range includes business travel bags, a wide Range of Ultra Durable Bags including bags for Personal or Business.


Athalon Bags

Athalon designs each bag that is tested by its employees who are sports enthusiasts and travellers. The bags are incredibly durable.and also work perfectly with pockets in ideal places for maximum comfort. Every bag is lightweight and water repellent. Each stress point, are reinforced and tested to withstand rigorous use. Today Athalon’s has gained a reputation for quality. Athalon is known for its a niche for professional sports teams, other high-quality manufacturers and better sporting goods and luggage shops. Its products include luggage and duffels, Samsonite Ski & Boot Bags, snow sports and Samsonite golf.


TravelPro Travel Bags

TravelPro specializes in selling luggage and computer bags from its only one company – Travelpro USA. Travelpro invented the first rolling trolley case in 1987 which revolutionized the way we travel. It makes an extensive range of the best luggage including the best rollaboards that are manufactured to exacting quality standards incorporating honey-comb frames, airline grade aluminium handle systems and replaceable wheels to satisfy the most demanding road warrior.

Briggs and Riley Travel Bags

The slogan “Engineered for Reality. Guaranteed for Life” speaks for itself what Briggs and Riley can deliver. Its speciality is the only luggage of the highest quality and accessories. Its brand is known for its durability. Also, the tastefully designed collections like suitcases, mobile offices, garment bags and holdalls offering the most advanced functions and construction. Aside from its classic looks and great features, Briggs & Riley luggage offers an unbeatable lifetime guarantee on all their bags.


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