Surfanic Luggage Maxim Roller Bag Review

By | February 20, 2019


Product: Surfanic Luggage Maxim Roller Bag
Website: Amazon
Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars out of 65 customer reviews
Owner: Surfanic

Maxim Roller Bag
Price: £60.64 

Product Description 

If you have a lifestyle or a job that revolves around travelling a lot, this  Surfanic Luggage Maxim Roller bag is PERFECT for you. It’s a lightweight wheeled travel bag suitable for any trip. The bag allows you to pack it to full capacity. This is quite handy in avoiding extra baggage allowance. If you choose to travel light, the roller bag compresses in a way that retains its ability to secure your load. Even after compressing it, you can make the bag stand and your gear will stay put.

Surfanic Luggage Maxim Roller Bag

  • Fully Retractable Handle
  • 2-way Lockable Zips
  • Integrated Poly-Urethane Wheels
  • 4-way Compression Straps
  • Split Level Construction

Surfanic Luggage Maxim Roller Bag Features & Dimensions

Brand name



100 Litres




Maxim Roller Bag

Material composition

100% Polyester



Product Dimensions

73 x 38 x 37 cm, weight 3,8 kg

Best Sellers Rank

#20 in Luggage > Suitcases & Travel Bags



Fully Retractable Handle – Giving you the flexibility to handle the bag the best way you feel comfortable.

2-way Lockable Zips –  For a bag of this kind, the advantage is that you can easily access the pack on one or both sides without reaching out and completely opening the whole zipper. 2-way zips make it easier to close luggage filled to full capacity, pulling from both sides of the zipper. They are lockable for security.

Split Level Construction 

The roller bag’s split-level design eases the packing process and prevents your gear from looking creased and untidy. 

Durable & Lightweight
Who wouldn’t want lightweight luggage built to last? It only weighs 3,8 and light to carry. The roller bag made from heavy-duty 600D polyester and coupled with reinforcement in the right places.

The Padded grab handles
The Padded grab handles make the roller so easy to carry. All you need to do is to extend the handle and wheel the bag with ease.

Alternatively, you can grab your bag from the luggage carousel or carry it on and off the transfer bus. Its 2 Padded grab handles make all this possible. The polyurethane wheels make it glide effortlessly on most surfaces, which anyone on a journey wants and save energy for what other demanding matters to attend.

Vertical Stand
When loaded the Maxim Roller Bag stands upright and unsupported.

4-Way Compression Straps
Compress the contents right down using the 4 compression straps reducing the size of the bag and keeping the contents secure. 

Dual Running Rails And ID Window
Reinforced running rails on the base of the bag protect from wear and tear on the luggage belt.

Like any other luggage made from durable material, if this roller bag is not handled with care, eventually it will get worn out.

Maxim Roller Bag Reviews

Just like any other excellent brand, no matter how strong it is, if not handled with care during times of connecting the bag can be damaged or greased with dirty. Especially if you use the bag on multiple flights, it may have a little wearing.

Final Verdict

Taking into consideration customers’ high rating for this product, the manufacturer’s description, I do recommend the Surfanic Luggage Maxim Roller Bag.


Manufacturer’s Description of the Roller Bag
Manufacturer -description -of- travel- bag

Manufacturer description of travel bag


The Surfanic Luggage Maxim Roller Bag is an ideal real ski holiday travel accessory. To make it suitable luggage for Ski and Snow luggage this travel bag is built to withstand the most brutal conditions.

Nothing beats a Lightweight travel bag just at 3kg. What makes this luggage perfect is it’s suitable, for any trip. Its split-level design makes packing easy and prevents your gear from looking like you slept in it.

The roller bag was built with a picture in mind to make it suitable for every journey. The durable heavy-duty 600D polyester material withstands any rough handling it may be exposed to.

The handle is made for flexible adjustment which makes the bag easy to carry. you may prefer to pull it and its polyurethane wheels make you do it perfectly.  

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