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By | July 11, 2018

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Are you planning a big trip with your family? If you are travelling together with your kids it means you will be carrying a lot of stuff. I have a solution for you. Travel bag sets are the perfect solution for this kind of trip and will perfectly meet your packing needs.


First of all, let me explain why?

Buying a travel bag set is more convenient for long trips compared to carrying different travel bags such as Carry-on bags, suitcases, backpacks and shoulder bags.

  When you get yourself a travel luggage set (which can be a set of suitcases), you travel in style.

Also, you are able to carry all your stuff at once in an organized way.

The other benefit of using travel luggage sets is it gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about moving and handling your baggage during stopovers and connection times except to take your Carry-on bag on board.

With travel luggage sets, you know you will arrive at your destination with all your belongings intact.


Where Can I Get The Best Travel Bag Set?

I understand the problem travellers get confronted with. It’s the pain of choosing the best travel luggage set suitable for your journey.

Choosing the right travel set can be quite tricky because of other pressing needs you also need to focus on such as affordability. Do I have enough money to buy the travel set I need for my holiday trip? Also, the dilemma of not knowing where to start.


Which Outlet Sells The Best Travel Luggage Sets?

There are many outlets where you can buy your suitcase set including manufacturers like Samsonite. It may not be a suitcase set you need but a set of Pack Cubes. If you are looking for affordable prices to suit every pocket, Amazon is one of the best and a leading bags and luggage specialist retailer worldwide.


Another challenge you may face in the search of your suitable travel bag set is not having information about the best brands to pick since there is a vast range of travel bags on the market to choose from. Moreover, they come in all sorts of different styles, colours, materials and sizes.


Who You Travel With Determines Your Travel Set

If you have travelled abroad before or gone on an international trip with your family, you will agree with me that taking your travel luggage set will make your trip pleasant with fewer dramas at the airport checkpoints. Using travel luggage sets is so handy and convenient especially if you are travelling together with your family and kids. My pick is a Suitcase set among other varied sets of travel luggage. Below I have listed a wide range of travel luggage sets. 
Travel Luggage Sets

Travel Sets Convenient for Family Travel

Apart from families, travel luggage sets are a perfect solution for people who are always travelling due to the nature of their jobs. One thing I absolutely love about Travel Luggage Sets is that they allow you to carry everything at once. Also, you travel with your mind focused on one thing – the journey itself. You have nothing to worry about. You never go wrong with travel sets.


My Favourite Travel Bag Set

If, you are looking for a set that’s affordable but good quality, the Lightweight Suitcases Sets are worth trying. The Aerolite range of suitcases is another excellent brand to look out for because Aerolite suitcases are one of the world’s lightest suitcases. I recommend the Aerolite Super Lightweight 4 Wheel Spinner Suitcases shown above. They are genuinely lightweight as the name says.


The one in the picture is a perfect suitcase to take on your trip abroad or during your international tour of duty. Its lightness is just brilliant, making it so easy to wheel around at the airport. It is well-made from tough material and excellent in terms of its durability. Another positive side is it has a hard-wearing rip-resistant 600 Jacquard Polyester Material. It comes with a conveniently placed large front-zip pocket and a smaller top pocket for easy access to essentials. To buy the one shown above, Check It At Amazon.


What I love about the Aerolite Super Lightweight suitcases is that they always come in reasonable sizes but large enough to keep your luggage safe and secure. This is what every traveller needs, to get at their destination with all their belongings in one place. As the name lightweight suggests, the suitcase lives up to its name. It is light-weight and convenient to move around.


Aerolite Super Lightweight suitcases are so spacious to accommodate almost all your stuff you want to carry on your tip. The suitcase’s inner enveloped zipped lining serves a very useful purpose once you have mastered how to manoeuvre your possessions inside.


I have had testimonies from people who have used this type of suitcase, saying they were astonished to find at the airline check-in desk that they were underweight in spite of packing almost their entire wardrobe and other items they were not able to fit into other luggage.


Final Verdict

The Samsonite luggage set is suitable for the family and practical for use. These suitcases are made to the highest standard, making the luggage sets ideal for families because they have four multi-directional spinner wheels for easy mobility. There is no weight on your arm since they roll upright. The padded top and side carry handles provide comfort when lifting a fully packed case. Interiors feature multiple pockets for organization. Cases expand for added packing capacity.


Packing Cubes Travel Bag Set

Packing Cubes are extremely good for customizing travel luggage with fixed compartments. Packing Cubes bring in a flexible and practical solution to packing. They are exceptional at keeping your clothes in your suitcase as organized as possible. When you arrive at your destination, Packing Cubes are extremely useful for keeping your hotel room and wardrobe tidy. Above all making them spacious. You will have peace and tranquillity knowing you will be able to locate your luggage items easily. However, you need to make effort to get the most out of Packing Cubes.


Hopefully, you find this post informative and useful for your travel preparations. If you have any questions related to, ‘The Best Travel Bag Sets, please feel free to questions below. I will be more than happy to get back to you with some answers. Also, share your own travel experiences with travel luggage sets. 

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2 thoughts on “The Best Travel Bag Sets

  1. Janani Kumar

    Hi Femia,
    I am so glad I found your site, because packing can be such a hassle for me! I love traveling light, but end up going international a lot, which makes packing and planning a real pain. I think I will try out the Samsonite one that expands because I always end up buying extra stuff in my travels that I struggle to bring back later!

    1. Femia Post author

      Hi, Janani, thanks so much for taking your time and leaving some invaluable comments.
      I’m pleased you found my post informative. I agree with you Samsonite is the best as it can accommodate almost your whole wardrobe without giving in to the weighing scales. Thanks for stopping by.


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