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By | December 23, 2018


What would the world be like without travel bags? Surely, a world without travel luggage, bags, and baggage would be chaotic. Travel and luggage are companions that are inseparable. The role that travel bags play is unquestionable. It’s practically impossible to go on a journey having peace of mind unless your storage problems are sorted first.


It is even more unsettling if you are going for a long distance trip with a travel itinerary that involves stopovers. The thought of what will happen to your baggage while still on transit will give you sleepless nights.


Will I carry my baggage with me when I connect planes?


If you buy a connecting flight you will not get your baggage at the connecting point. Usually, your baggage is forwarded to your final destination. And you will claim your bags when you land at your final destination. Imagine the moving and handling of your luggage that goes on between the transfers. Your luggage gets pushed and shoved. And to withstand all that pressure your luggage should be made of durable material. Chances are big that your luggage will get damaged while on transit. In the worst scenario you may lose your belongings.  


Choosing the best travel bag is key


It is important to get an appropriate travel bag suitable for your particular journey. It will be naive to buy any suitcase you come across or a backpack you saw someone carrying to work.


Qualities to look out for – The Best Travel Bag

 travel bag of good quality made of strong material luggage is worth buying as it will save you a lot of hassles.


Did you know that there is luggage formed with aesthetics that follow its function? The Hartmann brand is a good example. It has been around for over 135 years and represents the strongest, the most appealing and the finest touch luggage. This brand is reputable for its elegance and high-quality designs.


Can I afford the Hartmann Brand?


To be honest the prices for the Hartman brand suitcases are quite high. They range between
£ 500.00 and £ 2 000-00. Don’t lose heart. You can still buy the Hartman’s brand at an affordable price. I will share with you my little secret how I manage to 
get top branded names at affordable prices.


I lookout for shops with deal promotions. For example, if you go to shops like Luggage Superstore to specifically look for luggage on sale you will be surprised with what you get. The advantage is you will get high quality luggage at affordable price.  

So, it is possible to get an affordable bag without compromising the quality, depending on where and when you buy. 


Wheel-able Bags – Trending Best Travel Bags


Depending with what you do for a living, if you are a make-up artist who globe trottes with cases of makeup, getting a wheel-able Lightest Luggage Collection is most appropriate.


Luggage that meets courier size restrictions

How large should your luggage be? Find the perfect size for your hand luggage. Did you know you can incur extra fees if your cabin luggage is too large or too heavy, or you might get asked to check your bag into the plane’s hold.


Before you go shopping do your homework first to find out what your courier hand luggage size is. This is crucial because not all airlines have the same size and weight rules for their hand luggage. You know which airlines you mostly fly with, so you must always check before you fly. Airlines change their hand luggage size rules from time to time so it’s important to keep checking.


Finding out what are the requirements will save you time and money because if you turn up at the boarding pass with an inappropriate bag you risk paying extra fees.


All airlines have checked luggage fees. The majority of the airlines will charge you additional fees of around £ 50.00 for bags over 59 pounds or 23 KGs.


Some airlines can even cancel your booking or refuse you permission to carry your bag if you arrive at the boarding gate with an overweight luggage.


The stressful part of your journey comes from choosing the right travel bag suitable for your trip. A lot of things come into consideration.


Travelling abroad with a connecting stopover 


A wheeled suitcase is most convenient for a long distance trip because of the following reasons. Manoeuvring through a crowded airport with and carrying your luggage, not an easy thing. Wheeled suitcases are easy to glide along at a busy airport.h ease.


When it comes to organisation, the best form of luggage with a top-loading packing mechanism is a suitcase. There is a lot of travel bags to choose from but your travelling needs determine the form of luggage you will choose.


Suitcases are either Hard or Soft. Hard-shell cases are great for those who want to have the feeling of extra security with a tough outer shell, whilst soft cases are useful for being more flexible and are often lighter.


Size matters in choosing the right form of luggage.When you make the mistake of buying a carry-on that’s larger than you can actually lift over your head. Also, some aeroplanes allow smaller carry-on bags.


Learn more about carry-on bag sizes and different courier regulations.


Ryan Air New Cabin Policy.

Colour – 
Go for a bag with unique prints and colours which is easy to spot on the luggage carousel. You will know for sure it belongs to you so that you don’t end up picking up someone’s luggage which can be embarrassing.


Wheels – Suitcases with wheels are the best option. They make life easy for you especially the four-wheeled ones that can stand upright allowing you to easily roll them sideways in crowded or shallow pathways.


Material – Always make sure that your luggage has water-resistant materials to keep your belongings dry. This is quite important as sometimes your luggage might be placed on wet, sticky, or dirty surfaces by baggage handlers.


Straps – Purchase a suitcase that comes with adjustable straps. These straps will help keep your belongings secure and compressed.


To conclude, always go for luggage of the best quality. the type of suitcases that are well-made with quality materials. The type of luggage that would have gone through strict quality control test, like Drop loading test, Lifting test of the handle, Wheel rolling test, Zipper test etc. Go also for hard-shell suitcases made of hard ABS material. They are not only strong but light weighted and scratch resistant including the aluminium coping handle which is also lightweight and strong. Including travel accessories you can’t can’t travel without.


If you have any questions in relation to my post The Best Travel Bags and Luggage please leave them below. I will be more than happy to respond at the earliest convenience.

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