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By | February 23, 2018

Best Top Handle Saddle BagEverything You Need To  Know
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Handle Saddle Bag

Price: £37.99

Product name: Top Handle Saddle Bag
Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10
Owners: Next Stores
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Features & Dimensions – Top Handle Saddle Bag

My Top Handle Saddle Bag Review is about a bag I bought from Next Stores. I bought this gorgeous bag for my cousin sister as her birthday present.

The Top Handle Saddle Bag is also available for purchase from different outlets including Amazon. The prizes vary from place to place depending on the handbag size, brand and who the designer is.

The most striking thing about the Top Handle Saddlebag is its flexibility to suit various occasions. It is the kind of handbag that fits in all categories depending on your requirements. If you are looking for a very simple, down to earth type of bag, you can easily get one. Also, classic designer Top Handle Bags are readily available on the world market. As for the designer brands, you can expect to see their price tags above £ 1,.000.00.

Good Quality Travel Bags

Designer Farfetch’s Maison Margiela Top Handle Saddle bag’s price goes to show its worth. It falls in the women designer bag’s category.

The Top Handle Saddle bag shown in the picture comes with strap handles. It is one of the newest models in the handbag industry. As the name implies, saddlebags are bags that are attached to horse saddles.

This Tan Leather handbag with a top handle is a classic piece. Wearing the Top Handle Saddle bag combined with a stylish dress will undoubtedly bring out that attractive and classically feminine look most people would want to be identified with. The bag does a perfect job of completing that feminine look.

Apart from being a leather bag, the Top Handle Saddle bag’s main features include a detachable shoulder strap, an internal zipped pocket, a suede lining and a bag logo (if its a designer make).

My cousin commented on its size saying the size is appropriate. Its height is 24cm, Width 29cm, Depth 11cm. In addition, the main material is 1.00% Leather with lining 100.% Polyester.

World War I pannier-style saddlebags

The History of the Top Handle Saddle

The Top Handle Saddlebag has come a long way. It goes way back, even beyond the First World War. During World War 1, the bag’s version, the pannier-style saddlebag was used by the British Army to carry first aid kits.

Horses were used to carry the bags with each box hung either side of the horse’s body. What we see today is a modern version of the Top Handle Saddlebag. Its pattern has evolved. It looks different from what it was in the 19th century. During the era, the Top Handle Saddle bag’s were open on one side and were laced with leather straps.

The next phase that followed was the introduction of a Classic Pouch version designed by Bonnie Cashin in 1972. According to reports, the Classic Pouch became an instant heat. Its simple functionality and timeless design stole people’s hearts. Most recently on 31 March 2016, we see the iconic Top Handle Saddle bag being re-launched to celebrate Coach’s upcoming 75th anniversary.

It is evidently clear that what we see today is an evolved version of the bag. Nowadays we have designer bag’s among the whole range of the Top Handle Saddlebag. Including the Maison Margiela designed by Farfetch.

Top Handle Saddle Bag Pros/Cons

The detachable strap gives you the flexibility to wear it differently. For example, there are moments when you just feel you want to be hands-free.

This Top Handle Saddle Bag is that kind of bag I wouldn’t mind waiting for if I am told by the seller that it will be dispatched within the next 2 or 3 coming weeks.

My cousin also commented that the handbag could be twice the price. Besides being a product of high quality, it is a handbag flexible to use. In addition, it can accommodate most women’s essentials.

The Whip stitching adds a touch of class. Its size is the right size my cousin wanted. She particularly loved the fact the handbag has lots of room for what she needs it for. And indeed excellent value for money.

One minor issue is one of its features, the detachable shoulder strap is a little long. However, this can be solved with a simple solution. Its strap can be easily altered to your own needs.


Any fashion-conscious women can have the Saddle Bag since it is designed for women. However, it has been noted the handbag has gone down very well with ladies who want to dress for the occasion.

It’s a type of bag which belongs to the group of luxury handbags. Also, it has become a favourite item for both young women and celebrities. Most people who were asked, ‘’When do you usually use this?’ almost everyone gave the same response.

They said they use it for special occasions. Evidence to show it’s it’s a treasured wardrobe item. What I particularly love about this bag is the flexible manner I can to carry it around. It’s all up to me. I can choose to carry it over the shoulder or use the handle.


At Next Stores the bag is priced at £68… However, Amazon sells a wide range of them including women designer handbags. The prices are between £14.00 – £ 1 .000.00.


The fact that the outer material is leather and its material composition is 100.% leather makes it a valuable item perfect to use as a gift. Such a gift won’t let you down. Unlike other fake leather bag’s out there, this is made to last. That is one of the disadvantages of buying online as you can easily buy a fake.

Overall, this a handbag to go for. I like the adjustable strap it comes with which makes all the difference spelling out how comfortably the bag can be won depending on different occasions. It has lovely pocket compartments that are quite handy for stashing some valuables.

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Hopefully, my review will give you an insight into this Top Handle Saddle Bag. Please feel free to leave a comment below and share your own shopping experiences. Hints and Tips for looking after bags are welcome!

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