Travel Accessories – Case Study 2

By | September 22, 2017

Travel Bag Accessories –  Mistakes That Will Cost You Money

My Travel Accessories – Case Study 2 is aimed at giving travellers some hints and tips so that they get well prepared each time they travel. One definite way of making adequate preparations for our trips is to bring appropriate travel bags. Hopefully, my advice will go a long way to help travellers out there to make better and informed decisions.


Travel Bag Scale

A pack of 2 Luggage Scale & Measurement Tapes has run for several weeks as the best selling travel item. The travel set makes a perfect present for any special event. Its size measurements are 11 x 7 cm and it weighs Up To 32 Kg & Has 1 Meter Tape.


What Are Travel Accessories?

There are plenty of travel accessories sold each day by many outlets specialising in Travel Luggage. Amazon is one such shop. It sells a product known as the Digital Luggage Weighing Scale shown in the picture above.

Travel Accessories is a term which means the same as Travel Helpers. Travel accessories come in a vast range of items including toiletry bags, travel pillows, luggage straps, locks, power adapters and umbrellas. To see other products under the category of Travel accessories, please refer to the post I wrote earlier entitled Travel Essentials.


The type of travel accessory I’m going to focus on in this post is the travel luggage digital scale. Recently, I went to Greece on a business trip. During the last week culminating in my departure, I was extremely busy. I had to run around processing a lot of documents. In addition, I had flight bookings and hotel bookings to arrange.


Unfortunately, time was not on my side to be able to carry out all the necessary preparations. One main thing, I regret not having time for, was weighing my luggage. Instead, of doing it myself hands-on, like I usually do, my friend stepped in. She happened to be around on that day, after offering to give me a lift to the airport.


Although I didn’t have the latest digital scale to weigh my suitcase with, my friend convinced me she could make use of my old bathroom scale. She thought it was able to do equally a splendid job. So, I left this assignment entirely in her hands. She went ahead and weighed my suitcase. Everything seemed okay, according to what she told me.


When I arrived at Gatwick airport at the check-in point, I was shocked to hear the attendant officer saying my luggage was overweight by 6 KG. He gave me a choice, though. To choose between taking out some of my stuff from my suitcase in order to get rid of the extra weight.


Alternatively, I had to pay £10.00 for every extra kilogram. This meant, in total, I had to folk out £ 60.00. I couldn’t imagine myself unpacking my suitcase right in front of other passengers. I felt the smartest way of handling this tricky situation was to part away with £60.00, not that I had much cash on me.


This is something I could have easily avoided. If only I had made the right decision, to begin with. If only I had taken the necessary steps in buying the right weighing scale. A Digital Luggage scale was the most suitable for weighing heavy luggage that is up to 50 KG.


This type of scale is known as a Hanging Weighing Scale and it comes with a strap. The good thing is it’s easy to use. The ones at Amazon are said to have clear LCD backlit screens for day and night visibility so that they can accurately display both weight and temperature.


I proceeded with my journey. But I was not sure if things were going to be alright after I had spent all my extra cash. I didn’t have many hassles on my return trip because I didn’t buy anything. There was no way I would go that same route of having extra weight to my suitcase. It was a hard lesson to learn.


Hopefully, you found this post informative and that you have learned some lesson from my story. In my recent travel experiences, I learned a big lesson after using an inappropriate luggage scale for weighing my suitcase. If you have any question related to travel accessories, please feel free to ask below. I will be more than happy to respond as soon as I can.




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4 thoughts on “Travel Accessories – Case Study 2

  1. Himbru

    I have gone through your review on digital luggage weighting scale and realized the importance of it. Buying digital luggage weighting scale is not a loss of money as sometimes we forget to take luggage in appropriate weight and face some unwanted situation before check in to airport.
    So, from my point of view, I suggest people who have a very tight schedule of time everyday to buy this product.

    1. Femia Post author

      Hello, thanks so much for taking your time to leave some comments. I completely agree with you. If I had bought this product, it was going to cost me only £4.49 instead of £60.00, that I ended up paying. The other advantage of having bought this product is that I was going to be able to use it again in the future. In this instance, I incurred double loss.

  2. Kevon

    As a frequent traveller myself, I can attest to the importance of having travel accessories to make travelling more comfortable. A travel scale is essential to ensure that you are not overweight and do not face embarrassment or inconveniences at the check-in counter at the airport.

    Some may think its too expensive to purchase a digital scale, but the cost of overweight luggage can range anywhere from £20 to even £100 depending on the airline or country. So it makes sense.

    1. Femia

      Hi, Kevon, thank you very much for sparing your time to leave some invaluable comments drawing from your travel experiences.
      Thanks, once again for highlighting the price range. As some travellers are put off from buying digital scales thinking they are beyond reach. As you rightly say, it depends with the airline.


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