World’s First Duffle Suitcase

The -World’s -First- Duffle- Suitcase-Travel-Bag

World’s First Duffle Suitcase – Travel Bag

The Travel Bag That Has Made Headlines – World’s First Duffle Suitcase

 Today, I will update you on news reports the media has been circulating lately. Apparently, it’s about the latest developments in the travel bag industry, the invention of the World’s First Duffle Suitcase also known as a Duffle Carry-On travel bag.

Like I have alluded to earlier, I have sourced this information about the recent invention from the Mail Online Newspaper, the Mail’s Travel news column, to be more specific. The Mail Online featured an article about the World’s first Duffle Suitcase, saying this form of travel suitcase is now available to buy on the Kickstarter website.

The price range is from £200.00. Kickstarter’s role is to help designers and other creators to find resources and the support they need to fulfil their dreams. However, the World’s First Duffle Suitcase will be shipped in June.

Duffel Suitcase-Travel Bag

Importance of Travel Bag News Updates

Keeping abreast with the latest developments in the travel luggage industry is surely one way of getting yourself prepared as a traveller. It certainly pays off in the end. Doing your homework in order to get ready in every possible way will serve you from unwanted surprises at the last minute.

For instance, discovering at the airport ‘s Check-in point, that you would have brought a travel luggage item not acceptable is not helpful. Such a thing can be easily prevented by doing enough preparations to ensure that bring along a travel bag that meets the airline’s specifications in terms of size and weight.

Let’s say, you are travelling by road and you discover at the bus station, just when you are about to board your coach that your bag you have brought is too big, will be a drawback. Such a late discovery, will not help you except ruin your travel plans.

This will not be the nicest experiences any traveller would want to have. The last thing anyone would want happen to them is being forced to leave their travel luggage behind or cancel the journey completely.

This matter of luggage sizes is not something to take lightly. Airlines never rest on their laurels. They are known for constantly running regular checks in order to review and amend travel luggage weights and sizes for carrying- On Bags.

So, when we are planning for our trips, we need to bear in mind that weight restrictions vary between airlines. Making it necessary for someone planning to travel, to know well-in-advance what is acceptable and not acceptable anymore.

To have such latest information at the tips of every traveller’s hand, travellers need to read travel news updates. I always turn to newspapers to keep abreast. I find them a very juicy source of information and really good at filling that information gap.

Newspapers, usually are the first to carry stories highlight latest trends. So, it is important to get regular news updates concerning the travel sector, its luggage and travel luggage accessories. Because of a newspaper’s nosy approach to covering things and leaving no stone unturned, I find newspapers an extremely reliable source of fresh news on travel bags.

This is where my story about the World’ First Duffle Suitcase comes in. This type of travel item is reported to serve  2 functions: both as a bag and suitcase.

World’s First Duffle Suitcase – What Are The Benefits

  • The bag has integrated shoe bags, a tie pocket and detachable toiletry section.
  • Designed by Wool and Oak and Duffel has received $140k in funding from investors.
  • The new bag meets all current airline requirements for carry-on luggage.


The bag has 19 compartments which are going to make life easy for holidaymakers because they will be able to pack stuff in an organised way such that they know exactly where certain items are in their bag.

You can pack clothing, documents, shoes in the built-in shoe bag, laptop and toiletries in an organised and effective way. What will cause many people to fall in love with this travel bag is that it has a dedicated compartment for various items. 

The suitcase stops everything getting jumbled up, creased and getting damaged. However, the biggest temptation is to put too many stuff inside the bag, making it heavy to carry since it has no wheels.

The bag also divides completely in half like a suitcase for packing but when zipped up looks like an ordinary Holdall for ease of travel.

If you have any questions related to my blog post, World’s First Duffle Suitcase, please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to come back to you at the earliest convenience.

8 thoughts on “World’s First Duffle Suitcase

  1. christinamk

    That bag looks awesome. I love that it has a shoe compartment. Sometimes I want to pack my shoes in with my clothes but I don’t want to get my clothes dirty. So a shoe compartment is a great idea! I’m really loving all the inventions I see on Kickstarter. People come up with the best ideas for new products! I will definitely be checking this bag out more!

    1. Femia

      Hi, Chris, the World’s First Duffle Suitcase is the ideal one to use especially when you have to travel to different countries with flight connections and more than 1 destination. Also, the fact that the suitcase has a shoe compartment makes it extra special.

  2. FranMcK

    Thanks for a great post. I travel a lot so am always looking for luggage that is practical and looks good. This duffel suitcase definitely fits the bill. You make some excellent points about travel luggage and I am going to bookmark this post for when I am next buying my travel luggage for a trip.
    Thanks, Fran

    1. Femia

      Hi, Fran, thank you so much for leaving a comment. The World’s First Duffle Suitcase is said to be available for shipping in June. I will keep you posted on any latest developments.

  3. Adyns68

    This is travelling made easier in style! LOL
    The bag looks really nice and big enough to contain all I need for nice trip because what I hate the most is travelling with many bags or with impracticable bag.
    This bag is very simple to carry and the material is lovely and lasting too.
    I will definitely get mine!
    Big thanks for this post which is so clear!

    1. Femia

      Hi, Adyns, thank you for leaving some feedback. I’m glad that you found the article informative. All the best.

  4. Steve

    I have done a lot of travelling and this sounds really interesting – I love all the different comparments, but not sure I will find something to put in all 19! Do you know what the dimensions are? I presume that if it is filled up it would be too big for carry on luggage?

    1. Femia

      Hi, Steve, thank you so much for leaving a comment. I do really appreciate. I have just had a look at The pictures show how amazing this Duffle Suitcase is. Even if you are not able to fill all the 19 compartments, it will work for you and it’s unbelievably flexible. To see for yourself please check on this link:


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