What Is In A Pilot Travel Bag?

The A Pilot Travel Bag MysteryPilot Travel Bags

The world is never at a standstill. It seems new things are constantly being unearthed. The discovery of an iPad must have brought huge relief to all pilots. Because the nature of their job is so demanding. It requires them to carry all their equipment in pilot flight bags as they trot around the globe on their tour of duty.


The amount of travel luggage pilots used to carry in their pilot flight bag 15 years ago has significantly changed, The shift is now leaning more would towards lighter travel.


In the old days, the ideal pilot flight bag carried a significant amount of equipment. The luggage ranged from training books, flashlights, headsets, fuel testers to foggles.


To be equipped for their different types of flying, pilots had to carry two separate flight bags. the development of the iPad prompted research to find its impact on pilots ‘ travel luggage.


Different pilots were asked, what they now carry when they fly. One of the interviewees, the publisher of iPad Pilot News confirmed that he used to carry around two bags. One was a small headset bag for just the essentials which he used when flight instructing.


The larger bag was for corporate flights where he would carry stacks of approach charts, multiple flashlights, and a large metal clipboard to keep the aeroplane’s paperwork and records organised and protected.


He also mentioned that after going paperless, following the discovery of the iPad, he was now able to carry one flight bag.

The bag would contain everything he needed for both types of flying. The iPad eliminated the need for paper charts, clipboards, and handheld flight computers.


Pilot Travel Bag With WheelsPilot Flight Bags Pilots Carry

Pilot Cases come with a removable internal divider and are flat packed for economical storage or distribution.


Flex System - Pilot Travel Bag

BrightLine Bags New Modular “Flex System”

BrightLine Bags New Modular “Flex System” Flight Bags were invented in 2012. They come as a set of five different-sized interchangeable modules, a front and rear end cap, and a collection of four interchangeable external pockets.

They create a unique opportunity for every pilot to create a customized bag of the exact size and functionality they want according to the needs of their next flight.


Briefcase Pilot Trolley Carry Case Travel Bag is a wheeled On-Board Cabin Bag Suitcase. They are rated as high-quality executive business trolley cases made by a super lightweight polyester material.


Men’s Women’s Wheeled Pilot Edges are reinforced with smooth aluminium corners and are additionally furnished with aluminium plates and two combination locks. Including the spacious main section with various pockets for documents, business cards, pens, and other items.

A student pilot, who was also interviewed gave his own opinion on what constituted the best pilot travel luggage. To him, what mattered most was not having less gear, but having the right gear fit for purpose.Plot Flight Case-Travel Bags


He agreed that the iPad had taken from his pack the majority of the weight coming from books. He would need an iPad Quick Case Flight Gear Bag to keep all his gear organised and mobile.


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  1. Bimmerguy

    What an interesting article on the evolution of Pilot travel luggage. I never knew that pilots had to carry around so much equipment with them. I guess I assumed that everything they needed to fly was already in the cockpit. It’s interesting to see how drastically pilots luggage has been cut back over the years with the advent of the ipad. You learn something new everyday. Thanks for the awesome article!!!

    1. Femia

      Thank you so much for your comment. I am glad you found my article interesting.

  2. Celeste

    It seems that that the Ipad has revolutionized the world. Heaving around heavy luggage is never fun. I didn’t know that pilots had to carry around so many things.
    Brighlines ‘Flex System’ seems brilliant. I’m sure business travelers can make good use of this innovative system. Pilots luggage look very stylish and i’m sure ordinary travelers will soon buy these kinds of luggage bags.

    1. Femia

      Thank you so much, Celeste, for your comment. I totally agree with you that pilots’ luggage is stylish.


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